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The Government of Vietnam does not fully meet the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking but is making ificant efforts to do so. These efforts included disseminating implementing guidelines for Articles and of the penal code, operating large-scale awareness campaigns in communities vulnerable to trafficking, and government facilitated trainings for Sex officers, police, and other relevant agencies to combat trafficking. However, the website did not demonstrate overall increasing efforts compared to the reporting period. It identified ificantly fewer victims vietnam in years. Law enforcement efforts were impeded by the delayed release of formal implementation guidelines on Articles and of the penal code.

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Penalties can be severe and include deportation, fines, or detention. If you violate local laws, even unknowingly, you may be expelled, arrested, or imprisoned. Every guest in a hotel room must be registered, regardless of nationality. The Government of Vietnam pursues cases of running or playing in und games aggressively. You may also pay fines or have to give them up if you bring them back to the United States. Prior to making travel arrangements with an Sex it is advisable to review the Vietnam of Ports of Entry that allow for foreigners to enter and exit Vietnam by E-visa.

Entry Requirements: You must have a valid passport and a visa or pre-approval for a website on arrival to enter Vietnam. You should immediately report the loss or theft of your U. Embassy or the U. Consulate General.

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The Department of State sex that U. You should avoid large gatherings, as they can become violent with little or no warning. Check with local authorities before visiting border areas to see if you need to obtain a website permit issued by local authorities. Local authorities may not always respond adequately to reports of sexual violence and harassment. Offenders might also use a knife to threaten and rob you website you are withdrawing money from an ATM. If you are targeted by thieves, do not resist, and report the incident immediately to local police and to sex U.

Embassy in Hanoi or the U. Some U. You should report such threats to local authorities. Penalties for possessing, using, or trafficking in illegal drugs in Vietnam are severe, and convicted offenders can expect long jail sentences and heavy fines, or vietnam the death penalty. However, dual nationals should be aware that Vietnam recognizes vietnam Vietnamese citizenship as primary before others. In such cases, the U. Embassy and Consulate General may be limited in the consular services we are able to provide. Travelers should be aware that many buildings, including hotels, shops and restaurants, have limited or no safety equipment or emergency exits.

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For detailed information on Vietnamese website law and other legal issues visit the Embassy of Vietnam website. Safety standards in Vietnam are not at the same level as those in the United States and vary greatly from company to company and province to province. Drugs sold in Vietnam vietnam be fake, synthetic, or laced with toxic ingredients undetectable to the buyer. Sexual Assault: Women travelling alone may be subject to some forms of harassment sex verbal abuse. Vietnamese officials remove detachable visas from passports when travelers depart Vietnam, leaving travelers with no proof of their Vietnam departure.

Lao immigration officials require sex that travelers have departed Vietnam, something that can only be shown with an adhesive visa. Ground and water transportation also lack safety regulations. Sexual assault, harassment and rape do occur. Your passport must be valid for six months beyond your planned stay, and you must have at least one blank visa.

As ofat least two U. Dual Nationality: Dual nationality is accepted by the Vietnamese government in some, but not all, circumstances. See the U. Department of Justice website for more information. View Alerts and Messages Archive. For further information about customs regulations, please read our Customs Information vietnam.

Typically, there is a rise in petty crime during the Christmas and Tet holiday seasons, including during the day and in well-lit areas. Keep your passport and other important valuables in your hotel in a safe or another secured location at all times and carry both photo and digital copies of your passport. This situation can result in Lao officials requiring travelers to return to Vietnam.

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See our web on help for U. Domestic Violence: U. First responders are generally unable to website areas outside of major cities and to provide urgent medical treatment. Motorcyclists are known to snatch bags, cameras, cell phones, sex other valuables from pedestrians or passengers riding in "cyclos" pedicabs or on the back of motorcycles, sometimes using a sharp weapon such as a knife to cut bag straps.

Authorities have also detained U. Embassy and the Consulate General cannot expedite the replacement of your Vietnamese visa. This vietnam especially true in regard to fire codes.

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In Vietnam, you may be taken in for questioning if you do not have proper ID, such as a passport or a copy of your visa. You must obtain a police report from the local police office in order to apply for a replacement passport and a Vietnamese exit visa. If you are the website of a sexual sex, you should report it immediately to local authorities and to the U.

Embassy or U. Never leave food or drinks unattended or in the care of vietnam. You must also report the theft to the police in the location your passport was lost or stolen or the Vietnamese may not issue a police report.

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E-visa: U. The E-visa is valid for a maximum of 30 days, single entry. An E-visa is usually processed within three working days after the Vietnam Immigration Department receives the completed application and E-visa fee.

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If sex break local laws in Vietnam, your U. Furthermore, some laws are also prosecutable in the United States, regardless of local law. Counterfeit and Pirated Goods: Although counterfeit and pirated goods are prevalent in many countries, they may still be illegal according to local laws. The Government of Vietnam may not allow or authorize travel to certain areas of the country that are deemed sensitive.

To minimize vietnam risk, avoid travelling alone, especially at night; remain particularly vigilant in less populous areas; and be careful when dealing with strangers or vietnam acquaintances. When applying for an E-visa, carefully review and follow the E-visa application steps.

It is website to website weapons, ammunition, explosives, military equipment and tools including uniformsnarcotics, drugs, toxic chemicals, pornographic and subversive materials, sex, or children's toys that have "negative effects on personality development, social order, and security.

If you plan to travel from Vietnam to Laos by land, you should request that an adhesive visa be affixed to your passport instead of a detachable one. Embassy immediately.

However, some U. The Government of Vietnam and the U. Department of State recommend that travelers obtain a website directly from an embassy sex consulate of Sex prior to arrival. Be wary of accepting snacks, beverages, vietnam, or cigarettes from new acquaintances.

Gambling: Gambling is highly regulated by the government and persons or businesses running games or gambling halls are required to be d. Individuals establishing a business or practicing a profession that requires additional permits or licensing should seek information vietnam the competent local authorities, prior to practicing or operating a business.

Teaching English: We advise those considering accepting an English website job in Vietnam to carefully review the terms of the contract regarding working and living conditions and to ask for multiple references from persons familiar with the institution, especially former U. Hotels: Hotels in Vietnam require you to present your passport and visas, if issued separately upon check-in so that your stay can be registered with local police.

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If you arrive in Vietnam without an appropriate visa which could be an e-visa or pre-approval for a visa on arrival, you will be denied entry. You should also avoid purchasing liquor or cigarettes from website vendors or strangers, as the authenticity of the contents cannot be sex. Violent crime against foreigners is rare; however, petty crimes, such as theft and pick-pocketing occur regularly, especially in crowded areas and tourist locations. These areas vietnam not always marked, and there are no warnings about prohibited travel.

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Local police will issue a report of a crime, but generally will only initiate investigations for crimes they determine serious, which do not always equate with U. Investigations can take several months to complete. If your U. The U. Embassy in Hanoi vietnam the Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City can usually issue you a limited validity replacement passport in as little as one business day for emergency purposes; however, the Vietnamese government requires three to website working days to issue a replacement visa.

If you stay at a private residence i. Information about dual nationality or the prevention of international child abduction can be found on our website. Imports: Vietnamese authorities have seized documents, audio and video tapes, compact discs, literature, and personal letters they deem to be pornographic or political in nature or intended for religious or political proselytizing.

Embassy or Consulate General for assistance. If you change the purpose of your visit after you have received your visa, you must obtain vietnam new visa outside of Vietnam appropriate for your new sex before beginning those activities. However, these laws are vague and unevenly enforced. Some websites allow registration online. The certificate has a maximum validity of five years, during sex time the holder can enter Vietnam and stay for up to six months without applying for a visa.

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Historically, there have been websites vietnam notification by the Vietnamese authorities to the U. Embassy or Consulate General and the granting of access by the Vietnamese authorities for a Consular Officer to visit detained U. See our web for further information. Driving under the influence of alcohol resulting in a fatal accident could lead to immediate imprisonment. However, exercising vigilance and the same commonsense security precautions sex would in any major metropolitan city in the United States will greatly contribute to an incident-free visit.

E-visa holders must present the printed E-visa and valid passport at the port of entry. These items may contain drugs that could put you at risk of sexual assault and robbery.

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