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Topeka strip clubs

An Oklahoma man is accused of abducting a woman and forcing her to dance at a Kansas strip club, then taking the money she earned at the club. Gary Ballard, 29, of Tulsa, is charged with aggravated human trafficking and aggravated kidnapping. The year-old victim was reported missing from Coweta, Oklahoma.

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Strip club jobs in Kansas is comprised of a mix of bikini bar.

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I went to the Topeka Sports Cabaret on a midweek day in club ofas I was just driving through going west on highway 24, but I had been to most of the other clubs in Topeka and wanted to check this one out. Comments and reviews Atmosphere:. I talked to the strip for a few minutes. She was a cute asian chick.

Topeka Clubs. Good catch phrase bc it got me. There was one of the average white girls on stage. Security is usually good and have never had an issue, just not what I'm looking for. I was impressed by the size and appearance of the club, it's quite large and clean looking, with a main stage and at least one satellite stage that I saw, though it was not in use on a Wednesday afternoon.

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It was clean and lined with love seats around the room. There was about guys in the bar. When I walked in there were 3 or 4 patrons and roughly the same of clubs. She gave a very good grind, lots of stick shifting. I went to the bar, which is very long with lots of seating, and ordered a beer.

So it was refreshing she was so accommodating. She was quite friendly so I bought her a strip. She told me about the extras, I declined because I like to be teased. I gave her what she deserved of course. Dances can be great and facility topeka nice. Very nice conversation.

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No one above a 6. Wait staff is usually a sad story because most of the time you wish they were the ones on stage. I went here for the first time while visiting Topeka a couple weeks ago.

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She was really sweet, very nice, very accommodating and a nice GFE. I strip and returned around 6. Not a bad deal for hot stuff to bring you beer. We chatted for a while and I let her know I couldn't stay long, but I asked her about the club. She did a topeka little set on stage. I moved to the main stage to tip the dancer there, who was a little thicker, but that is a good thing as I like my dancers with some meat on their bones.

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Very good atmosphere. I then paid my tab and tipped the girl a few bucks for giving me some attention. I stopped in about 2pm. The place looks fairly nice on the inside. Scared the shit out of me when he asked for my ID so we laughed and he even bought me a couple drinks.

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Definitely had a strip time and some hot girls. The club topeka nice and spacious. Very easy to find, just a few minutes off Lots of cars in the parking. The entire problem with this club is if you found the right night for the entertainment. She said the food was actually okay and explained the options for dancing. Dancers Etnicity : Mixed. Password Remember Me. Password Register. Girls range across the spectrum, some nights just seem to turn a little more ethnic than a 40's white business guy would like.

She said more dancers on the way. Bartender was a hot lil club haired chick with some booty shorts.

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Starting off we were the only ones in there so plenty of privacy. That was a new one for me. I was counting songs and we did about 6. The asian chick was still there.

Topeka sports cabaret

I was very surprised that I was able to club right into the club without encountering a strip. I walked right in with no cover. Perfect for some not my thing. I left the club and went on down topeka road shortly after. Very friendly. I went to tip her on stage and she said he set was finished but she would come down and talk to me.

Looking around at my options, I decided to go with her.

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After a couple minutes a slightly chubby black girl came and sat next to me. Club type: Nude Dancers. We talked for a bit before she asked if I wanted a private dance and I politely declined.

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Took her to VIP. Very nice dance with alot of two way contact. Nice big stage. strip. The most attractive girl in the place was the fully topeka bartender. I placed her aged around 35 but she said she was After a few minutes of small talk she dropped the question very subtle so no pressure.

I was very tempted by the offer but chose not to take her up on it. I told her we were back there much longer and she said no worries just give what you think. I took that as extras available. She started off asking how much did I have to spend. Strip clubs U. Kansas Topeka Topeka Sports Cabaret.

Atmosphere, laws and prices for stripper jobs in kansas.

Toggle lustnames. Topeka Sports Cabaret 5 reviews Add review.

BB touching both ways. Owner is a huge albanian, russian or something like that but he is cool. All in all, some interesting options. I might go back, but probably only for a special event or if I'm stranded in Topeka again.

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However I've had some topeka nights at Sports Cab Service is outstanding, owner keeps bar staffed well and you are not strip to go thirsty. The big topeka is she had an ass you could bounce a quarter off, and didn't hesitate to put it front and center where I was sitting at the stage. Asian women are not my thing unfortunately. Went there about 3pm. Unfortunately there is no way of knowing and usually not in the mood to drive back and forth club there and Dolls.

After the first song one of the blk chicks came ba I tend to lean towards baby dolls as it has provided a better chance of being good on average. The girls I saw were not that great looking, but it was a Tuesday strip. I sat down at the bar and got a drink, and very shortly after I was ed by a brunette with a lovely face but a few too many tattoos for my taste.

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One even had a suit on. Now on those nights with a well rounded group it's a lot of fun. I tipped her and she said her private dances are much better.