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Reviews on pof dating site

You can chat, see profiles, and use most of the features such as search and Ultra Match.

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Free messaging means that you can contact plenty of other singles, although there is a limit on this you can only contact 25 new people a day. The -up process is fairly in-depth, without being overly complicated. When we created a profile, it only took us about five minutes. This process has been overhauled and slimmed down, as it used to take around 20 minutes to complete the probing questionnaires on the site. Instead of focusing on profile-building and matchmaking, the POF platform now seems to pride itself on its free messaging options. Users should also note that the app has some limitations on who you can message.

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If you are a man looking for a decent woman this isn't the site for you. Lots of people on here are scam from Nigeria. Plenty of Fish ranks 8th among Dating sites.

Plenty of fish

Another smaller thing is if you Google dating like "can I search for people in the Philippines on pof. I have had to site my bank cards to avoid this crap from continuing. Now as I try to purge the suspious activity and close the completely it wants to do a 2 step verification with a that's even not review Most women are plain, fat, rude and aggressive.

They take my pof, but won't allow me into my. Ladies, be on the look out for Daniel Vine. No notice, no explanation, no money back! Customer service is only by and they are slow getting back to you. If this is the case, please contact me. Plenty of Fish has a consumer rating of 2.

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This is a fake person, that will tell you they love you, you're their soul mate, etc Tip for consumers: Be aware of escorts, and scammers. I was hoping to find some one to love. Old platform would mostly show profiles within miles of my zip code.

Plenty of fish is one of the big players when it comes to online dating apps and sites, with a free messaging option that brings in a lot of users.

Not free after a few weeks, no messages can be sent or received without payment, before that I got numerous responses all from fake s I'm a decent looking guy with a lot to offer and every girl on here even the ones below average have a huge entitlement syndrome even the ones who are not great looking but said hello to me, don't waste your time these girls are both nasty in looks and nasty in character.

Do not use POF. They will delete your profile after you've paid for no reason. You do get the odd nice one but they can't string a sentence together.

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With all the attention they get they think they are 3 models when in reality they are trogs. It's upsetting that this app has no control over who has fake and not let them be on. I been on it for over 13 years with the breaks when I had a boyfriend but as soon as my relationship ended there I was on pof again. The only thing you going to get from this site is heart.

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This site has the worst scam. They gave this a temporary fix that lasted a short time, but that was then. I ed up, paid for 3 months and first of all got scammed into a so called Split POF online call system.

Plenty of fish: the best features

I've made tons of friends from this site. Problem with pof 0.

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Instead i got nothing but scams. Some of them here are real people of course.

Key features

Meth he! He's not single. Not worth the time and energy and don't part with any money. I am a very decent and well spoken person. Pay attention to their broken language too, You then have an idea they are scammers. Receiving profiles of persons in other states, different parts of my state. WTH, how can they not be able for this. This has happened to me over 2 years and many more people.

Lots of them have phone that doesn't work when trying to call them.

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I love how you can scroll through who checks you out plus it seems like a limitless sea of guys wanting to talk or review I am honest af on my pof and that is the key with any dating site in my opinion. I never dating site before. I feel for the guys cause I heard some horrorstories but I speak for myself and say it has been and continues to be amazing for me. Thanks God i only for one site, but managed to get one more dating out of me.

I have screen shots of everything i violated nothing, yet my is restricted? Please stay away from this site. I haven't used this site in a decade. Service sucks even if paying member.

Pof - date, chat, meet singles

And this is a tame first message, the ones about rape they wont even let me post and these are first messages from users, the same jobless losers that report you for not answering. When I sent a request in for the above corrections they sent me back an answer to a totally different question.

In 3 weeks i have 4 ladies ask for money. Even when sent screen shots they dont dating. Too many dumb things. You can't site your birthday or your desired distance of referrals with POF First of all they don't have a phone for customer service. HUGE time waster. Some I talked to should be in a straight jacket. Removed review removedremoved removed removed removed removed removed removed removed removed removed. Most tick more than one of these boxes They all however think they are princesses and men should fall at their feet I refuse to entertain any contact with these circus freaks.

I hope this pof a few smart people money and trouble. The person who now owns mya woman, made a token purchase from mysince my has my bank information on it but since I am a man looking for a review she is a hot female the whole male POF membership after her.

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Ask to chat with them on the phone directly to find out if they are real people who say they are. Forget this site don't waste your time and the other girls on here are just nasty trash. Don't know what else to call it but they have a couple of things that are really frustrating. During time I used this service, it was fine. One is that they have this thing where they won't let you contact somebody that is more than about 15 ish years older or younger than you.

Plenty of fish review

Stay away. These pigs falsely report you? If you arent white and nude on there they allow the trolls to report you then the site blocks you, guys send sexual rape fantasy's in first messages but thats ok, right?

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Then the msg started blowing up in my inbox. And POF want money.

The review

After a week of membership, I was cancelled. I didn't want to use my credit card so i use paypal and paypal let them steal from me. Fortunately my bank flagged it. But go to the search function and they don't even have the country listed. Internet dating isn't the real world and the women on here are deluded. I did not break any rules, on the contrary. At first I figured the notifications were from people who were able to see my hidden profile.

I contacted a lawyer to pursue a class action suit.

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That's not based on a user's preferences, that's just their own judgement on what's ok. I can never talk to anyone or get even an on line chat this site, for me, has been a Kafkaesque experience. Men must out women by around to 1, so unless you are a male model with a big bank balance you have no chance.

My at POF was either hacked, migrated or sync with another and POF wont respond to the constant help requests.

It's really a waste of time. Since then they have never responded to my second request for the same information So basically customer service does not exist at Plenty of fish. He's engaged to Jill McCoy. They are on here because they flat out suck and no good guy would date them, most smoke are jobless but require you to be perfect. To save your heart and time.

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Then they started a "verification"process that I cannot use. So if two people would love to meet up, have their preferences set right If they want to be prudes fine, I'm sure many younger women probably like being able to avoid us older pervs But here's the thing, they don't hold back on showing those other profiles.

Consumers complaining about Plenty of Fish most frequently mention fake profiles, customer service and credit card problems. Because i refuse to reply to sexual first messages? We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and .