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Port st lucie strip clubs

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Female strippers from Port Saint Lucie that love to show themselves off on webcam and are live right now, click a profile to start watching.

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Living in PSL I have frequented this club often.

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Password Remember Me. Password Register. The bar is in the front right near the door and the dance stage runs the entire lenght of the club. But the day shift really caters more as a bar than a club.

Body talk sports bar

You feel me? The bouncers got on it quickly. The club obviously has a locals crowd. It's fairly private from the rest of the club.

Although the strip clubs get better and many heading south, the nearest club heading north is really, really far. I bought lap dances from two girls. I chaulked it up to being my mistake.

St. lucie county strip club list

Again the club was kinda slow with only about 10 customers. It became obvious that there are no extras at this club. A dancer told me that a fight was unusual. Body Talk is the only strip club in Port St. Lucie, but it's really a titty bar.

Dancers Etnicity : Mixed. The others dancers were about the same with some giving brief shoulder and upper back rubs. Body Talk is a small, low end bar with topless dancers. Night shift is a lot better than in the day.

Port saint lucie, florida strip clubs

She came back with only a few dollars and that was it for her. There was a fist fight when I was there. The center of the room has a rectangular stage. See my review of Sensations there. The dancers do two songs with the top off for the second.

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The day shift is a tomb. I took the first dancer for a private LD and the grinding was pretty good and some Toggle lustnames.

Smoking is allowed and the air quality did not seem that bad. Comments and reviews Atmosphere:. They walk around the club collecting dollar tips topless after each song. I tipped her when she was on stage and always got a smile and a Thank You visit after her set of songs.

The dancer quality is a five with an occasional 6 with no outliers stripper way hotter than usual. There is no kitty play or stick shifting. Mileage hounds will have to make the drive to West Palm Beach. So if you're a hound in town on business, family visit, etc, head south.

The club itself is not that bad as far as layout goes.

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If you want a drink, belly up to the bar. She seemed to know that I was just trying to relax and get comfortable. I checked out both Body Talk and Sensations for the first time tonight. But I've gone, and in some cases, still go, because just because it's bottom shelf doesn't mean it won't get you buzzed. They don't circulate asking for dances. I got a soda and the price was about average. As the evening shift comes closer a few more girls begin to show up for work.

In the shower ;)

The dancers spend most of their time sitting with customers when not on stage. After a 3 for 50, I asked the second girl about the VIP. There is a door with a neon VIP over it. There are chairs and small tables on both side of the dance floor.

The dancer quality goes from a hard 5 to a with the. One booth should tell you that lap dances are not big at this club. That's this place during the day.

Port st. lucie strip club list

Strip clubs U. Florida Port St. Lucie Body Talk Sports Bar. Body Talk Sports Bar 5 reviews Add review. This girl did not try to upsell private LD's. I've been to both shifts so we'll cover the day shift first. Seemed fairly normal and felt fairly comfortable.

Club type: Topless Dancers. They are 20 each or 3 for You can do polite leg rubbing, ass grabbing, and light boob play. I hate getting ripped-off. The first girl was a warm up for the second one I had my eye on.

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There is a single lap dance booth in the back corner. now. No cover and no door girl so you just walk right in. The music was played at a reasonable volume but the club was not very busy. There is no waitress.

Strip club bouncer jobs in port saint lucie, fl

If they do dance they take off their tops but I've seen girls leave their bottoms on. It's not uncommon to find girls in tops and bottoms sitting around playing with their phones. Then I bought one dancer a drink and she offered to take my money and pay the bartender. Dancer quality is 4 to 7. The primary LD area is fairly private but the VIP dance area is a couple of cubicles with no door or curtain. The dancers ranged from about 4 to 6.

I have never been in Body Talk before so here is my first impression.

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When the economy was banging me and the boys would roll in on payday just before the night shift kicked in with the cover charge. One that I would not make again.

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I was approached by a dancer and we had a pleasent conversation and tour of the club. She said that it was for groups.