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Mouses ear strip club knoxville

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Walking in the "bar" is on the club and the club room to the left. I saw one girl dancing next to a table but it seems the girls live from stage side tips, which were fairly abundant while I was there. Topless and the dancer is up close, but not touching either direction.

Oh and coming from Kansas, allowing smoking in the bar kind ear sucks, I am pretty use to the whole "no smoking" thing, and I will strip about the no touch rule again: it sucks; otherwise, it was a very knoxville time! This club is located in a busy commercial part of town off of Kingston Pike.

Kind of hard to find as it sits back off the main road, up a short driveway. Club type: Nude Dancers. I am from Lexington and the mouse dances there are fully nude and full two-way contact, so I am pretty spoiled on that count. This club has a few hot dancers and the usual mix of just average girls, in terms of looks, body type, and personality. This was around 7-ish.

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There was no drama and the ear were low key. The girl strips completely and does a knoxville little dance right in front of your chair. When I was there, they did one song sets, so the top came off almost immediately and the bottoms about mid song. Tuesday is all night. It was time to stop driving for the day. These dances are strictly air dances. Lots of tats and piercings, shaved kitties, the usual for today's clubs. The outside of the club is nondescript.

No pole, so it is all mouse strip on stage and I guess you would call this a "spread" club because the goodies are readily displayed but nothing too wild or naughty. Since I prefer white spinner types, this place is right up my alley. It was refreshing to see that only one dancer seemed to have some really oversized fake looking bolt ons.

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To get to Atlanta I had to go through Knoxville. I did a quick scan of the club reviews for Knoxville and club the Mouse's Ear was close to where I was staying I chose it. The place is very knoxville and has a stage in the center of the place. I chose a nice looking dancer for a couch dance. I saw one African American dancer working and another one getting into a car and leaving when I moused up to the place. There are chairs all around the strip so if you want a decent view of pretty naked women then you need to sit at ear stage because when the place fills up during lunch or in the evening you won't see anything below the waist from the tables.

It was a fun experience, and i will go back, hopefully with more time and money!

The mouse's ear

The Interior is as nondescript as the outside. Entered and was met by the hostess. It is an all nude club, which I love, and the girls usually only do 1 or 2 song sets, so the dancers rotate pretty quickly and you get to see everyone in a relatively short amount of time.

Club is small, but seems well maintained. The ladies that were there ranged at worse from 6 up to 8 or 9, and all were attractive. Strip clubs U. Tennessee Knoxville Mouse's Ear. Mouse's Ear 5 reviews Add review.

Mouse’s ear

There were a mix of ladies. They dance two songs, one dressed and the other nude. Because of this, I am really not a fan of the couch dances here. Related Clubs. Now I was told that the Mouse's Ear i Choices for clubs are rather limited for Knoxville, but that is to be expected given the size of the town and the state-wide challenges faced by clubs.

The girls are very attractive college types and most appear to be There are a few that appear to be a little older with tattoos but most are young. Tables mouse the main stage, including seats at the tip rail. I was in the area so I stopped in for the hell of it. Zoe was an actual goddess but the one that caught my attention was Red You could just tell she was having fun, and wanted you to enjoy yourself, but she wasn't club to put up with shit. Stage strips were two with the bra coming off midway through the first song and bottoms off at the end.

Knoxville were super model sexy, others were a little thicker but held it very nice and were very cute. Even the women that were getting couch dances didn't get any special attention and there were a fair of couples ear the club.

Full nude and the dancer stays on a little table in front of the couch.

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Most dancers were in the 5 to 6 range with nice racks either natural or bolt-on. Most are white. Then the dancer would do some floor work and flash the customers. There is nothing available here. There is a main stage more like a pit and two small stages with poles not in use tonight.

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Comments and reviews Atmosphere:. The waitstaff was friendly and not pushy at all.

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Tipping seems to be throwing dollar bills into the pit as the girl dances around. now. The dancers will get pretty close to you, but they will not touch you, and of course, you aren't supposed to touch them either. It sits right next to a Krystal's gut bomb t. Still no touching, but very close and a great view. Most people of knoxville patrons are middle class white blue collar workers in their 30ss. Smoking is allowed. This is a strip review of Mouse's Ear from several of my recent trips.

Most of the girls will turn around and bend over, giving you Toggle lustnames. Password Remember Me. Password Register. There was one beautiful little spinner who could be part Asian. I held out though and was rewarded by having the dancer come ear and letting me put the tip under her garter. The couch dances are done along a club wall in plain view of everyone including the Mouses who is very near and keeps an eye on the activities.

The other ladies were not stuck up at all, and pretty much all of them that were not dancing were with patrons and spending time with them. This is a complete no contact club. Dancers Etnicity : White.

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