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How to pick up girls in the club

Many guys would like to improve their skills in picking up girls at a bar or club. Are you one of them? Then you should check out these five must-see videos on how to pick up girls at a bar or club.

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Many people believe that the night starts when you enter the nightclub. The night starts when you step outside your place. Call friends on the phone, approach and talk to strangers on the street, talk to the people on the line in front of the club. See, alcohol has the side effect of getting you drunk, and the drunker you are the harder it will be for you to focus. Interactions will be harder and you may not even notice when a girl is into you. This is Crucial!

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Video#2: how to pick up girls – what bar tenders say

Cheers, Troy. There are no guarantees in the game, remember. I prefer to emerge from the crowd, do my thing and then disappear again.

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Walking keeps me alert and in a sociable mood. Glyn, a cool guy who I often chat to over at Twitter asked me if I frequently go out to bars and clubs alone, if so how I managed myself, and whether I walk around all night.

Clubs seem like the perfect place to pick up girls.

For years my strategy was to walk around high-fiving girls. Sometimes I leave empty handed.

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Instead I tend to look girls in the eye, smile, and say hello as I pass—but in an arch, lightly flirtatious way. And because I no longer drink, I prefer the environment to be at least a little bit stimulating.

Hey man, in a club you can be a lot more sexual and direct. I suppose my biggest struggle is I find girls in the club tend to be with a best friend or are in a group.

1. go out with friends … bring your wings

It really is a crap shoot out there. There are a few reasons for this.

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I have been focusing much more on day game as of late and admittedly night game is not my forte, yet. A third advantage of walking around is it enables you to pick up on IOIs.

2. warm up your social skills … call somebody

If neither of these things are possible then I will always take her or Facebook details or whatever. I tend to be a bit more hyper and dial up the cockiness, surreal humour and so on. Other times I have sex with a girl really early on at the venue and then get nothing for the rest of the night.

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This is far more likely to happen when you are mobile than if you are slumped in a corner. After all, why make the job harder for yourself than it already is?

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Then, later in the evening and fully in the groove I will often meet a girl who is attracted to me often but not always. Sometimes I make out with several girls but get no sex. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by.

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So when I write about night game here I am usually talking about clubs. Other times everything goes to plan.

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Nights vary wildly in quality. With the girl, ideally.

I do this to an extent, but my approach is far more sniper-like. Sometimes this will lead to a conversation on the spot. I make it my business to be aware of them, paying particular attention to the hot girls, of course. A fourth advantage of walking around is that if you do it right you can give the impression that you are indeed the life and soul of the party. Over the course of a night in a club you will find many new people coming in.

A unique female perspective on the pickup game in the nightclub

The answer to the first part is yes, I do night game alone on a fairly regular basis, in clubs at least. Hi Troy cool article.

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I like your comment on keeping moving in the club. I also tend to roll solo when going out for a session. Firstly, I believe that momentum is very valuable and if I stand in the one place or worse, sit down then I tend to lose it very quickly.