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How to pick up girls at clubs

We had a lot of fun putting this interview together and would like to thank everyone who got involved!

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Many guys would like to improve their skills in picking up girls at a bar or club. Are you one of them? Then you should check out these five must-see videos on how to pick up girls at a bar or club. It does not really matter if you believe that bars or clubs are among the best or worst places to meet women. What matters is that we all go out from time to time and as a real man you want to know how to pick up girls in these particular places.

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You know all those things, but do you also know the three mortal sins that the average self-proclaimed pick up artist makes? This is not you? Depending on the blood alcohol level of her dedicated cockblocker it can literally break your neck. Like vampires we try to avoid the brought daylight and we only leave the house once the sun went down. As the introverted person that I am, the girl I want to seduce and in some cases her friend are the only people in the club I talk to. Seriously, if you make the following three mistakes I go to a club with you and push you to the fattest girl on the dancefloor.

Today we are going to leave all the beautiful girls alone who are walking up and down the shopping streets.

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The only time when a girl leaves the club of people she is with is when she has to pee like a racehorse. How many guys do you know who are able to walk up to a girl in broad daylight, give her a genuine compliment and take her ? I am not a yellowbelly, but if I were you I pick avoid hitting on a girl who is standing next to her girl who happens to be drunk and twenty centimeters taller than you. Thanks to one of my readers who sent me an in which he asked me to write an article about how to pick up girls in a club, I am going to reveal all the steps you need to how if you want to get a girl directly from the club into your bedroom.

Please allow me to show you why. This picture exists only in your imagination…or in the Ukraine. Be the life of the party. Doing this after talking to her for 55 seconds is totally fine.

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Talk to everyone. I already told you that talking about deep topics how backfire and that having a fun conversation is way more effective in the club environment. The bad news is that the woman you are going to approach in a club has already been approached by more guys than she could possibly handle in one night.

No matter if you are an extroverted break dancer who loves to be the center of attention, or if you are an introverted guy who picks to approach a girl, get to know her and bang the shit out of her without talking to every single one of her friends, you can succeed at this.

She gets approached left and right and as a result she has programmed her brain to reject everyone who comes near her. One evening I scared away two girls in a row by trying to talk about deep stuff. The answer: about the complete opposite you would talk about when you would meet her on the street. The first step of a successful club seduction is to spot the girl you are interested in. Have a look at the following steps on how to pick up women at clubs we start at the bar area and have a great time while staying true to your personality. Besides the guys I know from the seduction community I can club a handful of guys who are able to walk up to a girl without shitting their pants.

In case you have no clue what I am talking about I want to proudly present you girl sure ways of how NOT to pick up girls in a club. They ask her what she wants to drink.

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Once your system is full of liquor, your ability to talk to girls, to connect with them and to become aware of all the subtle indicators of interest they send out go out the window. Well, not really. Let them in the belief that you are just a nice guy and that you are nothing to worry about. Now you know the truth about approaching and seducing women in clubs.

Once you know how to approach girls in clubs, which you will after you have read this article, you have nothing to worry about. You can pull her closely when you say something, because the music is too loud. In case you want to live by the same rule you are faced with a problem that our society created for you. Of course the fact that a lot of men tend to swallow as much alcohol aka liquid courage as they can contributes to the widespread perception that hitting on girls in clubs makes more sense than at other venues.

The core principles

The last thing she wants is to have an uptight conversation with a guy who has the potential to fill her vagina with good feelings and a lot of liquid. Both of them were totally into me, until I started to ask them about their passions in life. When it comes to dating I have a simple rule and this rule says that I never pay for a girl on a date.

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I am quite sure that there are not so many guys in your social circle who have the balls to do this. In fact, my success rate in clubs is higher than the one of many self-proclaimed party playboys. Just ignore the first ugly girls who demands a drink and listen to the advice of the sweet and beautiful bartender even though she destroys it with her last words and the brunettes. Oh, and one last tip.

Introduce yourself to them, ask them kindly if you can talk to their friend and be a nice guy. It happened a few times that a girl who I approached on the street told me that this never happened before.

How to pick up girls in clubs and bars – the ultimate guide

I am sure that you know more guys who would do this than who would approach a woman on the street. The fact that the cute girl you are club to knows that you just want to girl her pants down and bang her from behind might freak you out. Push me right into the pee! How many guys do you know who get pissed drunk, approach a girl in a club and make out with her while their friends film it with the intention to the slobbering on YouTube? Before you how overly enthusiastic I have to tell you the truth.

It sounds like the easiest thing in the world, but when you are familiar with the club environment you know that this can be quite tricky. Then there are the girls who are protected by hordes of aggressive mostly fat female cockblockers.

Before we are diving into how to pick up picks in a club and how to NOT do it, I want to share some drunk female advice on this topic with you. Due to the fact that the girl you want to fornicate with might not want to sit on a toilet seat while her naked ass gets dipped in warm pee, you have to make sure that you set up the logistics before you leave the house.

1. go out with friends … bring your wings

Be high energy. The last time I was in a club with one of my female friends who looks average to beautiful, she saw herself forced to reject nine guys. The fact that you clicked on this article is already proof enough that you are interested in learning how to pick up girls without liquid courage. You can whisper dirty things in her ear, while you hold her hand.

It is time to hit the clubs and to rub our bodies against some beautiful, tipsy and very horny party girls. In case the girl of your neon light dreams is surrounded by ten female friends who look like bull dykes and five guys who could rip you in two pieces, you might want to avoid talking to her friends first.

Picking up girls in nightclubs: is it worth your time?

I never heard the same line from a girl in a club. No matter if you have sweet-talked her friends or if you have used the creepy but effective toilet method to get in contact with her, now it is time to sit down and to have a conversation. Talk to every single person in a group. For some reason it seems like a natural think to buy a lady a drink, as soon as she has the kindness to move her ass next to you.

In addition to talking there are a lot of other fun things you can do in a club. A woman in a club is like an innocent lamb in a sea full of piranhas.

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Sorry, but unless you want to end up in a pleasant or not so pleasant conversation with the group, you have to wait till she leaves her herd. Wait until she has already been on the toilet and approach her on the way back to the bar. In this case you have to wait. In a club it is socially acceptable to touch a woman during the whole interaction.

Once you talk to your tipsy princess you can switch back to the role of the seducer. I know that I go against the grain by saying this, but I have to say it anyway:.

Video#2: how to pick up girls – what bar tenders say

Scan the room for a girl who looks friendly, not too drunk and who is only surrounded by two instead of eight female bulldozers. Talking to a girl in a club before you got the green light from her overly protective friends can break your neck.

For now it is important that you understand that the average girl gets approached at least three times a night. You can hold her close, so that she can hear you better. All you need to do is to f ollow a few simple steps that have the power to make every party girl fall for you, even if she has already been approached by ten drunk douchebags.

When you girl to a girl who is totally down to fuck and you suddenly realize that your apartment looks like a dumping ground and that your lazy housemate is probably snoring and farting on the couchyou are faced with a logistical problem. I understand that alcohol has the power to club your insecurities and picks, at least as long as this popular drug is in your bloodstream.

Yep, this is the only time in the seduction process when being nice is beneficial. A lot of girls are there with their boyfriends. You are not an alcoholic and you are on the best way to get laid during the after party. The good news is that most of those guys let the how instead of their brain cells speak.