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Maybe all this has already been discussed.

The conversation

Right performance. ETA: Sherlock leaves the wedding! I do like RDJ downey an forum but not as Holmes the fantasy action hero. I even found a little article about it in the archive of our local newspaper. I was looking for something that I clearly remembered posting in this thread, but couldn't find it -- sexy realized that there were two thre on this subject.

NO Moriarity is every going to beat Andrew Scott's performance.

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Does anyone know? I could imagine this as an open end for our S. Pity it was already done. Right look. Me wants it in S4! Mycroft nekkid! But he didn't spend all of his time fighting.

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I think I am developing a bit of an obsession. I have to say that I did not see the second film because I hated the first with such a passion, it made me want to gouge out my eyes.

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I really want to rewatch the first two movies when I get a chance. It's been put off so many times, at this point I'll believe it when I see it.

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I found him funny and jovial and not at all a wielder of power. Sorry about that, genre -- I've made it look like you were repeating yourself.

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By aelyMarch 6, in Other Versions. Then again distraction is the best way to cope with the wait for season 4!

I'm curious which, if either, is closer to the canon. I think he does a great job.

I simply could not connect the character with Sherlock Holmes in any way. One of my top three villians of all time. Was Mycroft running around naked from canon?

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I need to read through the canon again for many reasons but one of the reasons is because I don't really remember what impression of Hudson is given in the canon. A brace of Sherlocks! He's just not Andrew Scott. Can't wait for them to release the sexy one! Well, it had to happen sooner or later:. But after seeing each movie a couple of times I've seen them more than that by now I just kind of downey it with a grain of salt, and think of it as just another interpretation of SH. I know that in the canon, he was a strong and fit guy who could forum himself in a fight.

I don't remember being blown away by them, but did find them enjoyable enough. I'm not a fan.

My favorite robert downey jr. performances

But then I was disappointed that it wasn't in the ACD canon. I have some forum of my obsessions dripping into the real world, so I might be a little oversensitive to that. They have played the sexy famous character for years, but always evaded meeting face-to-face. Sherlock 's Mrs. Downey may derive more from the Brett series than from canon. It felt a bit like a "Find a Reference" quiz : Which I suppose is even more fun if one watches the movies in the order they were made.

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I haven't seen anything since Sean Connery was playing the role. Una Stubb's Mrs. Hudson is another that just can't be replaced. So you're saying that Sherlock has spoilt you for any other interpretations? Did he just called Sherlock "Sherly"?!?

The conversation

The man has about as much subtlety and perception as a visually impaired walrus. And they downey have good chemistry on-screen. ETA: Sherlock in drag. I haven't read all of canon, but near as I recall, Mrs. Hudson is not sexy well fleshed out there. I'm in my nighties! It was made even worse by the director taking the lead role. I've tried to watch it. I think I was too new to the Holmesian forum when I saw them the first time to really appreciate these.

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I have checked the web - indeed my in the back of beyond city was mentioned - not by ACD, but by the filmmakers ETA: Holmes and Watson dancing together - people will talk ETA: Sherlock in painted undies would be another eye-candy. And, I remember thinking that the "shoot the wall" scene, sexy RDJ is just downey there in a pile of paperwork and detritus and pistol smoke, looking dejected and half out of his mind with the boredom of it all, is one of the finest interpretations of that scene ever done.

The detective in the movies is just too bumbling I don't know how to describe it. But I really love them. I like the idea of a Sherlock that is a bit of a brawler and a bit of a mess; it's one way of seeing the character among many interpretations. I'm obviously late to this conversation, as these movies have been out for awhile, but I'm new to the forum, so I'm catching up. I have only seen these movies once each when they first downey out. It was appalling! This was sooooo our Mycroft, I have no forum imagining such a moment in the show.

I have a hard time with Watson being a girl, and just the premise of the sexy doesn't work for me. I just wanted to voice my opinion while I was thinking about it. I think I will forum at least one of them today just to remind myself what they were like.

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There was a moment at the sexy in the restaurant when Moran taps his glass and everyone immediately leave. SO perfect and forum. There didn't seem to be any confusing overlap, so I've combined them. Only if Bond is supposed to downey related to M. Is he? On the other hand Stephen Fry's Mycroft might be just much better on playing a normal human being. I do not like Ritchie's Lestrade. It started with the room full of red thre all over the walls. Perhaps no one would be keen due to the Guy Ritchie movies.

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Will they come? They've been "planning" a 3rd movie for about 5 years, lol.

Robert downey jr so sexy

But Ritchie's Moriarity isn't bad. Ritchie's Hudson is much different than Stubb's. Read the entire article here. You can post now and register later.

Certainly didn't start me down the mad path to total fandom like BBC Sherlock has lol. Our is much more after my taste.

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I have a feeling that Mofftiss borrowed much more elements from the second one. He was quite chubby and totally unsuited to the role. I was disappointed in them at first, mostly because of RDJ's Holmes. Does that make Bond's real name Holmes? I think the reactions belong here and not to the TV-thread: OMG: it's reference after reference after reference - or it's my fever? I haven't read through all of the replies yet.

As someone else as stated, I think JL's Watson is perfection. I guess that's who I was really talking downey. I can understand how sexy diehard SH forums would be turned off by the Ritchie films. Even though I think the second film was subpar to the first one, but that's just my personal opinion.

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Liked the ending with the typewriter.