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The Reno Blues, a company of juveniles, turned out yesterday, eight inand with fife and drummer, paraded our streets with a great show of dignity and persistence. He will sell any of these instruments on such easy installments that everybody can bur wlta a little effort.

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What has become of the age? We should be adult to lose Mr. Jamison of his committee work, which last position has been no particular comfort to our worthy Postmaster 1 5 : Mr. Shaw, to-day showed us a little paper-which speaks gnod news for the Mountain King mine, which bar is located about 10 miles northeast of Pjamid. Two ropes a little longer than the hay rack are connected at inter-vals of two or three r feet j by :, baling swingerss, thus forming a rope cigar or large meshed rope netting.

The receipts at the C. The Gazette is under obligations to Nat Holmes and Wm. Cobb, of Franktown, for their appreciated favors last Saturday. This morning we received the fife unique communication from J. Rover, now confined in the, County Jail and awaiting the day of his executi6n,July; 3lst, for the murder of I. Sharp, in April, We publish the communication because it will give our readers an additional idea of the man reno so unfavorably known all over Nevada:.

By this simple means a farmer can irn-load his hay in less than five minutes. MO nay nao- a ivmj ciljuyctl. The bill of L. Those Blces. Hay Unloader. Gentlemen, you birt an audience which appreciates.

No sound of Voices. In town the - scene. Freight between Sierra Valley and Truckee is reported to be very lively. With the establishment 6f mail facilities that trade will come to Reno, owing to the fact that the Truckee road is impassable during the Winter months. No particular demonstration was made which savored of patriotism ; there wasnothing remarkable which could indicate an extraordinary love of country; nor was an inordinate amount of powder burned on the st anniversary.

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The grand ball giveu as a benefit to that old standby, engine 48, lait evening, was a success. To Evening Gazette: Why has the example sett by Our Illustrious Fore Fathers been dishonored at the Rising of the Sun 4th of July; f The most remotest Village or Hamlet, and the secluded miner far up into the distant mountains, and mariner upon the high seas, will acknowledge the receipt of the Proud emblem of Liberty from the hands of the Gallant Sons of '7CAnd if there was a Village or Camp within the Boundery line of the State of California that did not send to the breeze upon the Rising of Sun That Proud emblem of Liberty Together with the loud Voice of the Cannon To Echo in the distance and make it evident that The 4th of July has not been forgotten, would be unknown.

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Pull days The 5th and 6th of July. What has become of the Spirit of Young America? Bit Cigar. This firm have seventy-five white men employed making cijars at their factory. The day was as pleasant as could e de sired and the grounds were in' the best condition, ii With every provision for our pleasure we could not but richly enjoy ourselves; and all will snfiiit at Bowers' Mansion.

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Tuesday afternoon the following named gentlemen were elected as officers for the ensuing year of the Infant Mining Company: President, R. Johnson; Vice-President and Treasurer, J. Everett; Superintendent and Secretary, S.

Bridges; Trustees, J. Everett, R. Johnson ahdEi L Bridges. The Journal has suggested that Labriskie of Ormsby county re bis position on the Republican Central Committee, because of Haves nrdr to offiiw hnlii- ; j era.

At one end of the ropes are loops, while the opposite ends are provided with hooks. We had the usual pleasant time going I and coming, but at the grounds was 'Wild 17 1. Work ' will soon be d en this very promising mine. The new bridge men must be accustomed to water, for they stand to their thighs in the river and seem to enjoy it. Charles Coleman, the well known Toneorial rtiet, has returned to Reno and purchased Enkle's establishment on Virginia Street.

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We believe that this additional amount will. Kim-ball's-Hall was comfortably crowded with dancers, who seemed to enjoy themselves very much until the early hours of morning. The Renoite, advancing with the age, discarded the old customs and substituted ham sandwiches and.

In the course of their peri-grinations they saluted the Gazette office with music and cheers.

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If their he are not cool their feet certainly are. Oh, Reno, Where is thy destination? The by-laws were so amended as to require only three ' trustees instead of five. Tle Fourth. The music was decidedly too fast, but dance we must and dance we did.

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The supper given at the Granger House was fine. The heated spell is upon us and you must begin to use ice. He who re the newspapers gets more satisfaction and profit out of life than one who does not, There is no economy in not being a daily reader of some reliable newspaper. Silent as the Tomb of death. But, Reno. But the ball was most a success -financially'.

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Varian, Maddrill. Sherman and others made short speeches which were well received The little 6ies a. No booming of cannon. The roof of the Journal building will soon be ready for another fire. And we recommend that when another year shall roll around, Reno return to the old orthodox fashion, and while reverencing the good old day and the men who conquered, recall in prose and verse the oft told tales of mighty deeds, the heroes who mriiiiaI a nation 4a Via Tvi tyi txrA xrfVtk ' VmUOvU o uauvii w isjl a niiu wr nwuvu the cradle of liberty through the years of change and growth which followed.

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Postmaster Jamison, of Reno, will also be compelled to re from Washoe's Central Committee or quit the Postoffice business. Washington and his immediate descendants. The "Blues" have a large company, but many were unable to obtain the necessary uniform, and hence could not turn out. Sandy Crocker, of Glendale, has invented a simple device for unloading hay from a wagon and rolling it up on the stack, which commends itself to every farmer.

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Yesterday was a ' quiet day with Renoites at. Across the stack two ropes are thrown, Two ends of these stack ropes are fastened to stakes drove in theground. That end of the county is doing some solid talking of late, somehow. Not a sound to Welcome the Rising of the Sun. Not a Voice ;to acknowledge the great example of our Illustrious Sons of ' There cannot be a drop of Nevada's Patriotic Blood coursing through their veins to give life to ambition of the past, by such Silence, as has been manifested at Reno to-day. This money wiil buy for the engine about feet of hose.

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Coleman's Bath House is the tiuest in the State:! Quarterly reports of the Reno and Washoe Justices of the Peace were received and placed on file. The opposite ends have loops. Our farmers will do well to visit Crocker's ranch and see the successful working of this simple labor saving invention.

We found Mr. Sproule awaiting us and with every convenience prepared for our comfort. Rkmo Lumber Co. Remember that Yankee Dodgc sells Ave good cigars for 35 cents. This rope netting is placed in the bottom of the rack, andthehayloaded oni.

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Boys who have the pluck to turn out a company of eight, should certainly be able in time to obtain a thorough equi. It is expected that the insurance men and others will make further contributions sufficient to purchase in all feet of hose with the necessary couplings. Says D. Riordan, station agent at Mills Station : "I would sooner miss my dinner than miss my paper. Silent as the Tomb. Apply at this office.

Several parties from Carson and about persons from Washoe Valley were present at the picnic.

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A few of the old perennials managed to "hoist in" enough to produce hiccoughs, and firing crackers in the coat pockets of these bibulous individuals was ' the only excitement offered to - young America. The regular monthly meeting of Alfalfa Grange will be? In short, picnic was the rage and three separate parties left Reno in search of shade ' trees and grass, lonely retreats and willow glens where no orators would intrude and where the American citizen might love his country quietly and fill his stomach.