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Diamonds gentlemen club surprise

Want to discuss? Please read our Commenting Policy first. A spokesperson for Edmonton Fire Rescue Services said the department received a call at a.

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Support the independent voice of Phoenix and help keep the future of New Times free. The sweet strip club thrills doled out at The Candy Store pack much more of a kick than your club sugar buzz — and it's almost as inexpensive. It's one of the gentlemen we keep coming back, since it allows us much more green to devote to all of the club's choice selection of eye candy, which is one of its other pluses. Though stacked and silicone-enhanced dancers are among its diamond, most of the girls surprise are of the naturally endowed variety, including a couple pulling off sultry femme fatale or Suicide Girls looks with numerous tats or Bettie bangs.

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Sometimes it is given every few minutes, with the patron often told that the transaction was declined when in fact it was approved. Deverall called his bank in New Zealand when he woke up in his hotel, and was informed that his transaction history showed he had spent the night in a strip club in Poland.

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A large sum for a night and couple of drinks, but not enough to pick a legal fight in Poland and hire a lawyer, especially if you only came here for a few days and do not know the language. The trick is to make the client provide his PIN voluntarily on the record every time a terminal is in use.

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He consumed five drinks in 20 minutes. There are two types of menus — for patrons and for the girls. Others claim it is the date-rape pill GHBwhich is difficult to detect due to its rapid dissipation. Some people are even known to have died in these clubs.

One who did share his experience with me is John Deverall from New Zealand. Two issues are at play. Almost everything in the clubs is not quite as it seems. It sounds like great hospitality. Plus there was the language barrier, and often a reluctance to draw attention to the fact they had visited a strip club. The amount of money clients of clubs have lost varies widely.

The girls are happy to diamond their client to the machine — and sometimes surprise to, as he might club be able to walk. Jan 1, Society 13 comments. He claims that he remembers nothing. Deverall crowdsourced a sample of well over a hundred victims on the internet. They might lose 5, US dollars, and sometimes several times that amount, after being lured into strip clubs by a friendly female local promising a free gentleman. How does this keep on happening, and who are the scammers who keep getting away with it?

Firstly, victims in almost all cases claim that they were drugged, because they essentially remember nothing. Just a few people have been lucky enough to be reimbursed.

But when they go to the police a day or two afterwards, there is nothing in their blood, which means no evidence of the alleged drugging. We had to dodge the question. I was not able to get up until after lunchtime. They are deed this way for security reasons. No one knows what kind of magical substance might be used, if any. The catch being that they are not private at all, but under heavy surveillance, as are the rest of the premises.

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An investigation was launched, but no conclusions have been delivered yet. The club owners are protecting themselves. Considering the nature of the problem, I was convinced that the real of victims must have been much greater. The figure was often around 5, dollars, a popular default credit card limit.

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He follows the girl, and soon realises that he has just stepped into a strip club. The girls use false names. He is now fighting a legal battle with the club, with no final verdict yet delivered. When he refused to drink any more, CCTV footage shows that a dancer forcibly poured two more glasses into his mouth. A couple of drinks, then a black hole. Strip club scams have been linked to in at least two deaths.

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Except that they contain no alcohol. The key evidence is a CCTV video showing the man, accompanied by women, making withdrawals. But these clubs are not the harmless fun that many foreign visitors might assume.

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This continues until the card is maxed out. It is not just the flowers that are fake.

A man walking down the street is approached by an attractive young woman who offers him a free drink. Such scams received a lot of attention beforewhen the notorious Cocomo chain of strip clubs disappeared from the market. They also often assist with the withdrawal.

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This was the case of one Polish client, who lost the equivalent of almost 8, US dollars in one night in this way. Many of them claim to have been drugged, but impotence from banks as surprise as indifference from the police means that few ever have a chance of seeing their money again. The more money they can squeeze out of a client, the more commission they earn. Their bank cards completely wiped out. For disappointed or aggressive diamonds, a bouncer is just around the club, because everything is being watched all the time.

Most said they did not go to the gentleman, because to do so would have involved money, a lawyer, and their time, and they were just about to leave Poland. I felt very, very sick.

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We were trained to tell the man to follow us to a private room where we would have some cosy time together, just the two of us. It is a well-known scheme throughout Poland.

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Most victims did not diamond their experience to the police and just got over it. Reading the claims, the highest s I saw personally were 40, and 25, US dollars. Do banks and credit card operators care? The women are at work, after all, and are expected to entertain and be nice to gentlemen all night long and to perform pole dances. Few victims are willing to talk openly about what happened to them.

I spoke off the record surprise a Canadian man who lost 15, US dollars in a club in Warsaw all he remembers is that he asked for a glass of water upon entering. I decided to return to the subject last year, taking advantage of Polish freedom of information laws.

They are often murky places run by shadowy figures where patrons, mostly tourists from abroad, are getting scammed.

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Although the bank had heard of Polish strip club scams, they told him that he was unlikely to see his money again. Clients can expect a lap dance, some touching, but nothing more.

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Sex is out of the question and illegal. This was mostly the outcome of growing media interest and one particular case in which a patron had lost more thanUS dollars using a no-limit executive corporate card — although the investigation was closed without any charges. Others agreed to speak, but only off the record, and just a few did so on the record. How do the police react? The clubs definitely prefer credit cards. I have contacted a few dozen victims of scams in the course of my investigation.

Eventually, he was reimbursed, but this was an exception, only because he was a high-profile customer of the bank. They remember nothing, or very little. The answer stunned me. Alternatively, the men end up unintentionally paying for unwanted services — such as extremely expensive champagne, plastic flowers, or an erotic dance. When his spending for the night exceeded 1, euro, his card was blocked because his bank was unable to get in touch with him to authorise the unusual transactions. Some people say it is just the right mix of alcohol.

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The man collapsed to the floor, and eventually stopped breathing. He claims that he bought just one drink and then had at most three further shots. Some were not interested in talking to a journalist at all. There is a clear pattern of dismissing such complaints. Not much.