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This listing is from a year, search current listings ». This one is strictly for the girls. This is not for the faint hearted. The act may vary to that shown in the image.

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Big Yokes - Over-weight young ladies. Children are told "Stop that ye boul boy! Bonie pronounced bow-knee :- bonfire - usually on the eleventh night 11th July.

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Back end - Autumn or early winter e. Bars - scandal, goings on.

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From: Sally Kelly. Boyangs are trousers tied with twine just below the knees.

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Bog pronounced with a short O - almost bug : move - Bog over a bit. As in "I cant call over tonight love, the car's banjaxed".

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Bletherskitesomeone you could not believe what they said, but they were not as bad as a liar. This has been archived and is no longer updated.

From Louis Hawthorne. The more decorated the pieces were the more they were prized.

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Beelin : Festering. Sometimes reduced to baldy -he hasn't a baldy notion what he's doin'. Behindbacks : To behave in a two-faced or sly manner particularly with regard to personal criticism of an individual. Explore the BBC. Blear as in 'sleep in your eyes' 'Wipe them blears out of your eyes son. Bog leat! Less formal than hello, more Norn Irish than Hi. From Jane.

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From Louis. From: Louis. Beek or Beak spelling unestablished : to play hookie "he's beekin off".

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From: Jenny. From uubrey.

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Mainly worn by farmers during harvest time in time gone by From Des. BrappleA clap of thunder,"That wuz a brave brapple of thunder" From: John. Birl - a go, as in 'give her a birl' From: Brian.

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Boys-a-boys : Translates roughly as oh my gosh, or good heavens. From: Gerard.

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Have your say If you have a contribution, you can it to us using the form below:. The beeky woman was the Education and Welfare Officer, for pupils who were 'beekin off' - absent from school without explanation. Brue : the dole - as in '. Bladder - kick a ball very hard - give it a good bladder. From - Farnsbarn. Disorderly, "get in line there, yiz are like Brown's cows".

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From: Belfast. Beese - literally 'beasts' generally taken to mean cattle. Probably the Irish "bog" e. From Jack. Move over a bit.

Bate - beat, as is 'Shut your bake er I'll bate you good lookin' From: Brian. Baldy notion - no idea. May be particular to Derry. From: Andrew Kerr. In the days derry children swung on ropes from lampposts, a birlie was twisting through degrees on the makeshift swing as it spun round bar lamppost. From Noel O'Rawe. From: Kathleen Mallon. Find out more about archiving. From Mags. Brown's cows. From: James Mulholland.

Bucketing : To lady raining heavily -"we can't go out in that, sure it's bucketing! From: Donna Knapper. Blethercumskite as Bletherskite, my mother would say, 'Yer a blethercumskite and the ducks ill get ya.

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Bealin' : Usually when referring to a wound - seeping and showing s of infection. Blade: Tyrone slang for young girl, often with sharp ways with words.

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Buck Mental : A state of euphoria and or violence caused by excessive alcohol downage. How are you.

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Balleecksed - very drunk indeed. From Terry Murphy "What's the bars? From Aaron. Beamer, to 'take a beamer': Be embarrassed. From: Farnsbarn. Bapanother word for head. From Rosemary Rankin. Baked: Meaning 'on drugs or full of drink' Ur boy over there is baked.

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An expression of mild amazement at a turn of events. Breeks - a word used in Ards peninsula for trousers i. Bled gander pronounced to rhyme with render My north Antrim granny would remark on how pale I was as saying, 'you look like a bled gander'.