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Daydreams strip club philadelphia

Instagram posts from Daydreams Gentlemen's Club. Draft party tonight??? No one has more 1st round pics than Daydreams.

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Couches were close together and facing each other.

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This venue has enough table and stage seating to handle a large crowd. Daydreams is BYOB and we got free beer tickets at the door. Dancers accept bills of any denomination, and not just with their hands. They were young, beautiful and naked.

I had an amazing night this past Saturday! Apparently not if you're in Philly since I'm almost daydream that the dancers consisted of 11 women, all club the age of 30, average weight of1 we're pretty sure was pregnant May have been twins from the looks of it Another one wasn't but-her-face She was but-her-everything I'm pretty sure that two strips walked out of the VIP room with meth clouds following them A few others had boobs smaller than mine and that's just wrong I'll sum up this strip by stating the obvious Daydreams is one of the best strip ts I've ever been in and I've been in them philadelphia.

It reminded me of my daydream days, there is nothing like a keg party. We tossed dollars on the three poled stage but if you wait for the strippers to come around, they collect dollars in all kinds of interesting ways. No parking had to park on street, looks club an abandoned warehouse. No thanks. People started trickling in around 10 or so. Who doesn't like a good strip club[1]? Daydreams inhabits a renovated warehouse in a philadelphia area, so arrive early if you want to use their lot.

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This place is by far the worst!!! A mist machine and colorful stage lighting add to the strip club ambiance. Forget why you're there, or bored? A nice variety of dancers. Too expensive cover, music too loud, no ventilation so you reak of cigarettes and too borderline prostitiution for me. Since Daydreams is a BYOB[2], the dancers can - and do - fully undress, leaving little to the imagination. My sister went so far as to be pulled up on stage and lavished with affection by a petite long legged gal.

Erica has both. Pure ratchetness.

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I'm no strip club expert but I like hips and thighs when a girls "dances" for me. Gotta love free beer during the week and it's always B. Madison is a hottie, ask for her. They offer lap dances and also a hot seat. A few even flirted with the ladies in our party amusing to watch. They call themselves dancers? I had an especially good time with 2 ladies in particular, Brooklyn and Sophia.

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Daydreams was fun and being a "BYO", extremely reasonable in price. The ladies for the most part range from solid 7 to adepending on your preference.

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Had a great time last Thursday, 7 FebruaryDaydreams. Quite a few exhibited acrobatic pole dancing routines, philadelphia I recall a cute, particularly athletic girl blanketed in tattoos. As far as strip clubs go, this one was not bad. Girls walking around putting breasts in face for a dollar. Anyway, it takes effort to dance on stage with nothing on but your birthday suit and 8-inch heels, and I was suitably impressed. I club enjoyed the experience, though I'd say the setup isn't all that great. Leave your cameras cameraphones, too!

All's fair except for downstairs and the twins. Not a daydream for me as it was a strip night.

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All in all a good experience, one that I will soon be repeating! They give you wristbands and big black Xs on your hands if you're under I give Daydreams 4 stars because I thought it could have been a bit livelier and a lot of the daydreams just walked about on stage with very little acrobatics or dancing. Generally thin and well toned. More like after 30 seconds they take they're underwear off, strip eagle and get philadelphia bills thrown at they're baby makers.

Usually we plant ourselves at the club but they have tons of places to sit all over. There was no hustle and I was totally relaxed and excited! Couch room at Club Risque is a bit more inviting. I went here with a group of people and we all found one stripper we couldn't get enough of.

I highly recommend Daydreams.

It was pretty empty and the place felt huge. The Filipino dancer who gave me a private lap dance actually made me ejaculate in my pants.

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We love it here. I was alone but saw many parties having a great time and they brought kegs of beer.

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However, they have a strict no underage drinking policy. We also went on a Wednesday night so that could just be our fault. There's also a gift shop with sex-related paraphernalia like adult toys and DVDs and I'm sure they have a copy of "Nailin' Paylin" in stock.

Returned here for an unofficial office xmas party. Went on a Saturday night Im an older guy who has gone to lots of strip clubs.

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Most seemed pretty friendly and would throw you a smile. I would definitely recommend this strip club to anyone visiting Philly So on occasion when the hubby and I venture out for a good time, this is our go to place. Heavily tattooed ladies, most of them very out of shape, running up to me, showing me their tits and demanding a dollar bill I did one nude lap dance with the only decent looking girl there The only thing that kinda sucks about this place is its in a really shady daydream and it's a little creepy if you're looking for it late at night.

She gives thee best dances. I went for one a little thicker for a couch dance. Only club I have ever tossed out of for doing absolutely nothing wrong. Tons of philadelphia parking, even their bouncers are friendly. This is a pretty good all nude, BYOB strip club. I bought some friends a lap dance apiece and they came philadelphia with goofy grins. The girls were super friendly and spent a lot of time just sitting with me and chatting. I went on a Tuesday Night around 9. Play pool or watch sports on one of their many wall-mounted screens. There's lots more, Arianna, Heaven, Lexi, Brooklyn, the list goes on and on.

I have no club strip females dancers who have talent and class but this place was so unclassy, lets not mention club the 2 girls did to each daydream on stage for a few bucks. I can't believe this place had any ratings over a 2 star.

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