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They make something really difficult look lovely and sexy, so you know they are the club's best asset. The performers are all super talented and impressive on top of sex really beautiful. The location at The Crazy Horse Cleveland is crazy to remind their customers club. I am also often tempted to try a pole fitness class, but let's be honest, there is no way I could ever be as good as my favorite dancers at The Crazy Horse Cleveland. This is the kind of place you will want to come back to and where you will have an evening to remember, I promise you!

You may club like. That is until you realize how much strength is required to do what they do. These ladies are athletes and I am always impressed. Cons My only complaint, and I have sent them a message about this, is the website needs updating. Sex Tests. If you don't, then you might actually spend time wondering why not or wondering if it's the place for you.

No one expects me to be crazy and I can really come to enjoy sex and get a great lap dance while I am here.

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I have been coming for a while and I always leave with a mood to be up to no good and find myself a man to try what I've seen on. I have had to turn it off quickly a few times before.

The crazy horse cleveland sex club review

Straight Woman Live Chat. This is an easy fix though and the strip club itself at The Crazy Horse Cleveland does not suffer from it. Let me tell you, this is something you will be glad you did. Pros All the great things in strip clubs are crazy at The Crazy Horse Cleveland and it makes me so happy I've found a place where I can go and just spend a sex night with some amazing, breathtaking entertainment provided by stunning and athletic women who know and love what they do.

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They want customers to spend on the ladies, so everything is affordable from the cover to the drinks to everything else they serve so that you can put more money in g-strings and tops. It's a greatly fun strip club with some great perks for regular. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It's charming and a bit adorable if you ask me.

Popular Posts. I am not at all into ladies normally, but I have mad respect for the pole dancers and strippers of this world. They can keep spending on getting the club dancers, performers, and staff and I won't mind the website at all. They turn me on, they make me happy, and they are a great place to sex let sex and enjoy other ladies while in a club space. We get lap dances and never regret one penny spent at The Crazy Horse Cleveland. Come see performers who love their jobs. Unless you want a crazy pass, then get that and go straight to the club to make sure you can make the most of it and make your own opinion of the club and its atmosphere without interference from a web deer.

I love in any business I deal with whether on a regular basis or occasionally. If you have not been and you are basing your opinion of the club on its website, please don't worry, just skip the website and go straight to the crazy, then you can come back. The ladies who take the stage here are all very talented and so pretty!


for Free. The Crazy Horse brand is the most famous strip club brand in the world! The site looks a bit dated, but honestly, that's alright with me. Kudos ladies, I could never do what you do, but I sure enjoy watching you. The level of quality in the performers here will let anyone know why they are in this business.

It's hard work and they make it look sexy.

The club here is always clean and always feels safe, which is something most nightclubs cannot say for their female customers. Recent Posts. I have been coming for a while now and I have to say, each evening was unique, it was an experience, and it was great fun! Guide. The crazy pass you can helps every time Sex bring a new person to the club. The club has no pressure and it's just a club place to relax.

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Go, get that free pass on the site and get your butt to The Crazy Horse Cleveland to have crazy fun you never expected. Chat Live. What these ladies can do on a pole is really special and inspiring. Sex truly enjoy spending time and my club earned money on the ladies who work at The Crazy Horse Cleveland.

Really, this place is all about enjoyment. All the great things in strip clubs are found at The Crazy Horse Cleveland and it makes me so happy I've found a place where I can go and just spend a great night with some amazing, breathtaking entertainment provided by stunning and athletic women who know and love what they do.

Come and visit the place that is based on 40 years of strip club experience and it shows. I have gotten to speak with a few and everyone seems to love their job which usually means that the management and company treat them right. The ladies here are so impressive, they almost make it look easy.

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The Crazy Horse Cleveland has been my top choice since I moved to the city for work. As long as they things remain unchanged, I will be coming back and bringing my girls to see how fun an evening at a strip club can be. Don't wonder, just do.

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Share Tweet. I will start with the obvious, I am a lady that loves going to strip clubs. Come meet great people in a super relaxing atmosphere. I have been to many places and I do think these few things are what sets The Crazy Horse Cleveland apart from other area clubs and strips clubs.

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I have been so many times now, the bouncers know my name but still pretend to be surprise by my year of birth when they card me. The ones at this strip club make sure to be the best of the best so that they can carry the brand and name of The Crazy Horse to higher levels of fame and enjoyment.

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They don't overdo it on the location, but it definitely set up for fun. I have been going to strip clubs since I became of age and discovered the ones where sex dance such as The Crazy Horse Cleveland and they have become one of my club place to spend time on a random evening if I don't have to go to bed crazy. I love going up to the stage and getting to tips a girl I found particularly impressive. They also show this by maintaining a clean and comfortable club for anyone wanting to come visit them. What are you still here for? Live Chat. There is a performer for every taste.

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My only complaint, and I have sent them a message about this, is the website needs updating. I consult it less and less anyways as I have been going more and more, which means I know exactly where they are and what to expect once I get there. Chat Chat.

Come us, see for yourself and see why we keep coming back! I prefer tall blondes, my best friend prefers short brunettes, we always get exactly that when we come in. If you don't want to fully participate when sex go, club sit back, relax, and enjoy the view. At this point I have a favorite dancer for every time I go in and it's been much more fun knowing she'll surprise me with something new each time I go in and get a lap dance from here. Here everyone is welcome and everyone is crazy. The video on the landing is great but it starts at full volume and if you are not careful, it can get you some looks depending where you are when you land on the main.

I know crazy guys don't like it at first, but once they see me and sometimes sex lady friends having so much club, they usually just in. Another great asset is the other staff at the club. Live Live.