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Club dallas mens spa

I just recently visit the new remodel club Dallas on July 4, I was very disappointed. The Gym is bad.

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Located in an old warehouse built in Lots of fantasy rooms and beautiful rooftop with view of downtown. Big facility on The sauna belongs to a group which has properties in Chicago, Seattle and Berkeley, as well as Toronto and Vancouver

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The member said one of his friends who is bisexual but was not out to his family was arrested in the raid, forcing him to call relatives from jail and explain what happened.

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Thank you for letting me vent! None of you have the facts so quit speculating when you have no freakin clue. Dallas is a fact. I loved mens there but I do not trust the cops there. In short, who is being harmed by people club what they paid to do? Jack on March 25, at pm. Dallas cops think they are above the law. Screw them. The member said he was also at The Club-Dallas the following night when the fire marshal paid a visit.

I could theoretically see that vice cops might have a quota of arrests they have to make. The cops make themselves look bad. This is a classic case of cops abusing the law. Menchu club he once successfully fought indecent exposure charges against five men who were arrested at Midtowne Spa, another gay bathhouse in Dallas. I was planning on stopping at midtowne spa on my drive through next month. These ridiculous comments make the city of Dallas look worse spa it already does! What was the original complaint? This story has pissed me off ever since I read it for the first time last year.

Why does everyone automatically assume the DPD is out to get all gay people. Jeff Thomas on July 9, at pm. There is mens case without the cops being able to produce the witness or who complained. Cops are just insecure whips that get attitude when they put on a uniform. This had nothing to spa with the city and it was not a huge conspiracy.

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I guess the red necks got their way. We finally sold our house in Keller and moved to Ft. Lauderdale job transfer, thank God. Oh, spa god, club a difference. Martin said she believes it marked the first time since vice officers have gone in to the year-old establishment, one of nine similar clubs nationwide.

Dallas on September 15, at am. I have heard — but not validated — that traffic cops have quotas of tickets they have to give. The DPD has got to come up with a better case than an anonymous complainant, with an anonymous complaint. Maybe get the names mens some of the cops spa participated in the raid and harrash them on their turf, at their homes, in front of their family. Scott on May 17, at am. Oh look club, another cop ass kisser. The DPD officers in that area mens actually been extremely nice whenever I have crossed paths with them.

OH—Yeah—these types of arrests they might have to take some risk……like ruining their manicure or something. I lived in Dallas for over dallas years and got so sick of having to be careful not to be harrassed by the police when I was in Oak Lawn or at my own house in Keller! Anyone that reduces themselves to name calling and again assuming things Is an idiot.

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Ten patrons of The Club reportedly were charged with either public lewdness or indecent exposure, while one employee was charged with interfering with police. Str8 Gay on March 19, at pm. Individuals who were merely drinking a beer and minding their own business were slammed face-down to the ground for no legitimate reason at all. Again, this is pure supposition. Bill on July 10, at pm. I guarantee that if the same complaint was made at a straight club Vice would have acted.

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Withheld on May 2, at pm. I have been to this establishment once and found it clean, professional, and witnessed nothing I would consider remotely criminal. Think about it…. Another member who was present during the raid but was not arrested, accused police of harassment and intimidation. He said he believes the city is trying to shut down The Club to make way for redevelopment around the new DART station that sits next door. They should be happy that DPD did the raid.

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I am hoping the complaintant is required to show up in court spa all the trials. What the hell is wrong with that? Like has been said—why bother consenting men in a private club doing bothering nobody on the steet, when rapists, drug abusers, murderers roam the street. DPD liaison says action prompted by complaint, warns more police activity possible at bathhouse John Wright Online Editor dallas dallasvoice. None of u have mens freakin clue. All you have to do is keep your ears open. The only good cop is a dead cop!! No kidding! It is not a public place.

My partner and went through various incidents that were nothing but police nonsense including picking up my partner one club and asked him if I was gay! According to police reports, two undercover officers paid their way into The Club and gathered evidence, before additional officers came in and helped execute the arrests.

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This is an adult city that respects everyoone including the gay community. The member said the officers were carrying plastic flexcuffs and detained him for 45 minutes even though he was just working out in the fitness area.

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The Club reportedly helped bond out arrested members from jail and has offered them legal representation. I will never move back to Dallas. I am much better off here with adults in control of the cities!! Ed on January 14, at pm. This is a private club. I wish what goes around comes around.

Why, then, were the arrests made for lewdness and indecency? We need to take all the bigoted cops everywhere all the way to the US Supreme Court and once and for all clean up the backwater and other police practices of attacking Gay people in private places like clubs. Martin, meanwhile, warned that additional police activity at the business is possible. Withheld on April 28, at pm. Ed on March 22, at pm.

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The DEA would have taken the place down. This really makes a lot of people look bad. W on November 1, at pm. It was probably some drama queen who got her panies in a wad over something. DPD would only release records related to three of the 11 arrests, saying Dallas Voice needed to file a freedom of information request to obtain additional details. My mistake jack is right.

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I dont like cops either but again thanks for the nice comments. Perhaps this is a more palatable explanation. The undercover cops paid their money and club are subject to the rules. If DPD or spa city really mens to screw with us the gay community they would hang out on Cedar Springs pulling people over or harassing the people that hang out there. The argument made about wanting to shut down the club dallas Real Estate development is a strong one and all this will do is force gay men back to the parks and deny gay and bi men a social outlet.

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It would be really cool if the patrons kicked the shit out of some cops and let them know their will be consequences to their harrashment actions. Oct 14, John Wright Online Editor wright dallasvoice. The cops knew damn well when they entered The Club that they were there to stage a bust, and they should be sued and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for their dastardly deeds!

If you are offended by male nudity etc.

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Frequent Patron on April 9, at am. Grow a set…. If the cops were out getting the real criminals they would have time to bust a man getting a blow job.

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That would make it very difficult for the cops. But thanks.