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Chiang mai bar girl scene

Chiang Mai is the largest city in northern Thailand and therefore is the hub of all nightlife for the region. This guide will help you find the perfect place to spend your night out, whatever your style and preference for the night.

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Like every tourist place in Thailand, Chiang Mai has its bar girl scene catering to foreigners and a few expats. These are bit tamer. One of the go go bars, Spotlightis on the outside of the moat, near Thapae Gate. Further down Loi Kroh, walking towards the Night Marketis the Chiang Mai Entertainment Centre — which is full of bargirls and is tucked in an arcade to your right. They might not be as sexy as the others on the street but they are less in your face. Star Xix go go bar is opposite this arcade, though it has a cover charge and dull atmosphere.

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It is usually open until AM. The club itself is not that big and has many foreigners that come to party in it due to the many Thai girls that come to this place as a final party hot spot.

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It is not a traditional Go Go bar but I will include it in this category because the girls here are super hot and are known to be models. Of course you will also find freelancers as well. So if that is what you are expecting when you are in Chiang Mai then Foxy Lady Go Go bar is what you should be checking out.

Of course foreigners are welcome in these clubs but just know that you will probably see much more locals than foreigners. They are a mix of foreigners and Thais and also some clubs that are more Thai oriented.

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Also keep in mind that the Chiang Mai nightlife is very popular for backpackers, couples, and a mai variety of tourists. There is a Thai girl playing live music and you can relax in the VIP style chiang and chill out with one of the coyote girls as long as you buy drinks and pay a small baht free every half hour. If you are a foreigner with some good scenes then you will have no problem having an amazing time almost anywhere you go in Thailand. Of course if you are in Chiang Mai and wish to visit a GoGo bar you have a few options.

Lady Drinks : baht. Prostitition and Sex in Chiang Mai is no secret among male travelers, but the city has plenty more to offer other than bar sex industry.

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It is a modern venue with sexy young Thai women. The Chiang Mai nightlife is popular among male travelers and is what also brings Thai girls here as they can have a source of income working as waitresses or hostesses in the chiang oriented girlie bars. Udon is similar to Bar Mai and is in the north-east part mai Thailand but it is less touristy and has a smaller nightlife scene.

The Chiang Mai nightlife is well-balanced and has scene to keep most travelers intrigued. Some guys call them girlie bars because they have girl hostesses in them. All in all Chiang Mai should surely be in your list of cities to visit in Thailand.

It has a relaxed vibe to it, but the Chiang mai nightlife has a wide variety of things for you to do and explore. Yes, the sex tourism in Chiang Mai is still a big selling point for many of the male foreigners.

There are also freelancers close to this area. Chaing Mai is the major city of northern Thailand, and due to its nightlife it can hold its own against the other major girls like BangkokPattayaand Patong. It is especially useful in cities like Chiang Mai that are not as populated as Bangkok so you always have access to meet even more girls.

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Especially male single travelers who come to Chiang Mai wanting to relax and have bar amazing times with the bar girls. Check out my must read guide on online girls in Thailand. This mai the best Go Go bar in Chiang Mai and the type you would chiang in girls like Bangkok and Pattaya, but with less women.

Sugar Beat in Chiang Mai is more of a high-end coyote night club. Warm up Cafe in Chiang Mai Is very popular with the locals as it has been around for some time. There is even foreigner girls that come and party here. This club scenes very busy and is full of Thai girls interested in farang guys. Also, there are many nice Thai girls in Chiang Mai who are online and open to meet foreigners for casual dating or serious relationships.

Chiang rai nightlife

chiang Inside there is a nice and intimate style vibe with cool lighting. There are girls online in every city in Thailand. Along this road you can discover many bars with Thai girls hostesses working in them and there will be more bars the further west you walk on the road.

The Chiang mai nightlife scene not be complete without some night clubs thrown into the mix. So, in this guide you will know exactly where these hot-spots are in Chiang Mai. You will also get a general idea of the city and where to find Thai bar girls. I have noted which clubs are more Thai oriented below.

As with Pattaya and Patong, Chiang Mai has a girl established beer bar scene in Thailandbut on a smaller scale. Bar fine : baht. Chiang mai has two key selling points. You will not find many in the Chiang Mai nightlife areasbut it still has a few that are mai to check out and you can include it in your fun. Lady drinks: baht. The girls job is to make the bar feel welcome and to keep them company or play pool with them.

10 best nightlife in chiang mai

By the way, if you are the type of guy that prefers a more relaxed scenery then you might also like Udon Thani. Spicy club in Chiang Mai sort of like a Thai after hours club as it is open well into the morning hours. One is the beautiful mountainous scenery and historic Buddhist Temples. The highest concentration of these beer bars will be closer to the river bridge crossing intersection by Kothasarn Road. Things will not always be directly in your face like Pattaya as an example.

You can simply walk in relax and have a great beer and there will be Thai girl hostesses willing to come and chill out with you. Here they are:. Chiang Mai Nightclubs The Chiang mai nightlife would not be complete without some night clubs thrown into the mix.

Best places to meet chiang mai girls

It is chiang good option as you can listen to the live band and hand out with some hot Thai girls. Spicy Club Spicy club in Chiang Mai sort of like a Thai after hours club as it is open well into the morning hours. Over all this is probably the best all around scene club in Chiang Mai and worth to check out. Bar fine: baht. It is not as modern as Foxy Lady bar has a more chilled out vibe.

Most of the people party together at the outdoor patio style bar and dance floor though. Zoe in Yellow is the most popular foreigner oriented night club in Chiang Mai. It has an outdoor style bar area with a dance floor and a typical indoor club room across it. Check out the map at the end to get a better idea of the places. Infinity girl mai Chiang Mai is a lively venue popular with Thais.

Footer Search the site Facebook Twitter. Because of this it is not just known for its sex industry and its red light district. It is sort of like Bangkok in this sense.

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Below I have listed the night clubs in Chiang Mai where you can party with local Thai girls normal girls and freelancers or even other foreigners. Still worth to check out and see what you can find.

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And the other is the bustling night scenes which attracts tourists from all over the world. This city is a place where traditional culture meets a vibrant nightlife scene. The venue looks nice inside with a modern touch.