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Sadly, through no fault of our own, there is still an upsurge of COVID cases in Texas, there is still no reliable treatment clubs no vaccine available to the vast majority of the population. It is usa to tell whether international flights will be unrestricted by then as well. This was a adult decision for us, as we love our spanko friends and miss you all terribly, and we love throwing parties and watching our friends have fun, but sometimes we have to make the adult decision. By then it is reasonable to believe that we will have a vaccine, or the very least an effective treatment, against this awful virus and can go back to living our lives. There is spanking a silver lining, and so given the extra time, we organizers have been working hard behind the scenes and planning on making the Lone Star an event not to be missed.

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I need all new people there by dessert on Friday. All of us have private matters going on at home but we manage to keep cell phones out of sight and on vibrate. No one is making videos back in private rooms and setting up dates to do a shoot. If you decide to come to the weekend, you will want to learn the alma mater. Easy does it.

We prefer you keep your cell phone out of the party areas. Friday morning. The party space has many privacy cubicles in the main area and upstairs. Hopefully all your usual habits are pastimes you can catch up on at another time, such as computers, texts, television, sports, drama, etc.

A word of caution to parents and minors

Enjoy, play and have fun. Many heights and sizes. If you want to invite a maximum of two extra people per room you can inquire about an even lower cost. There is one party space and no private parties in rooms.

Mountain weekend

All ages Many switches but not all. Mostly well educated and a variety of professions involved. This way you arrive knowing some names and having your questions answered. The woodshed is real and located further away from the main party area. Lots of switches around and plenty of material for a good birching. Two cabins have two rooms, four beds and one bathroom. As the classes are taught and the day moves along, discipline referrals are handed out.

By now spanking sounds will be around you but in private cubicles. Everyone, tops and bottoms, have a part to play if they choose. Or not. Check in is pm Friday and check out is 3 pm Sunday.

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Margaret has reserved a quaint, acre resort nestled in the Pocono Mountains just two hours outside of New York City and very close to Allentown, PA. We have use of a community space for group gatherings and, of course, the woodshed should you need it. They are supportive of what we do, contribute to the fun, and are unbelievably accommodating and gracious in their service. If someone is still arriving late help them out with settling in.

Privacy: This party group acquires people who really value their privacy and see their spanking needs as something too precious to share.

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We understand. No cameras please.

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So much to learn and consequences for not learning the lessons. Breakfast at make sure Ms. Margaret checks with the front desk over this detail because she often forgets.

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Sometimes you see a pirate. If you are new they will include you in the camaraderie to the level you allow. All of us were new. In addition, there are acres and acres of woods to explore. A straight back chair, soft lights and a saddle to bend over make serious sessions hard to avoid.

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Also, if you have a love of music, some of our regular attendees bring their instruments and jam away in small groups during off times. Should any weird things that happen please tell Ms. If you are faculty well then, dress your part…. The best part about the resort is the staff. Use Margaretsweekend aol. We always do some sort of meet and greet activity so work on getting to know people. But everything is consensual. All phone calls and texts have to be taken care of far away from everyone else.

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If you are coming early be comfortable but not sloppy. Dinner is around Afterwards we go down to the lounge where the resort has Karaoke.

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We take the time to find out what your needs are and respect any boundaries you have indicated. Dress is casual, clean and comfortable. Leave your problems at home and come for a good time. Friday is for our new guests!

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Saturday Afternoon: St. Uniforms for students only if they choose. Tom Ryder Ms. So bring your instrument and in the fun! The referral is carefully deed to give a bottom several choices. It does not get overly silly or out of control.

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Thursday: Throughout the day some of the guest arrive early just to mingle, talk and start spanking in private. Be sure to read them to make sure you can align your own objectives with ours. Around noon some people help set up and others run errands. We plan for people who attend the weekend to spank, make friends and learn about spanking. SCONY chat can be used on your cell phone.

For : public spanking party

If a novice feels pressured Ms. Margaret needs to know. Keep your laptop in your room and hope for the best. All guests are entitled to their meals and the same basic package as the guests on the resort. However, the spankos are known to sneak off to the empty space upstairs where private spankings are occurring. The total of attendees at the weekend varies from with the overflow of s staying at a new hotel two miles down the road.

After each class there is time set aside for spankings that need to be administered and private areas for them to be carried out. More hot, island colors… parrots….

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Sloppy is not. Friday theme: Ocean colors hot pink, turquoise, lime green, yellow and orange and accessories made of shells. You will be given a resort ID that identifies you as a adult and also your role — whether you are a top, bottom or switch. Jeans are ok. All of the classes are entertaining and taught by guests who ed up to share their talents from real-life interests e.

Friday spanking PM the weekend officially begins! If you are new, you do not have to worry about anyone forcing you into a situation that is beyond your limits. The rest of the objectives of the weekend are in keeping with the usa of all SCONY activities. The cost of the weekend is based on one or two people occupying certain rooms. We reserve a resort in the Pocono Mountains for the club and have it to ourselves for maximized privacy. When you help listen carefully to how things are done. Friday is all about our new guests!

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The Wifi al at the resort is very weak. Either a top of your choosing, Ms. Margaret, or one of her staff will deal with adult miscreants who need proper attention. Other people from outside our group will be there for the singing. There is a small gym, a porch to hang out on and many hills to run. Everyone is prepared for school and faculty member do a great job of making sure our students are well taught, mannerly and understand simple rules.

This offer applies to all the rooms except the Lodge.