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Adult breastfeeding forum

As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you have been placed in read-only mode. Adult Nursing Relationship Adult Breastfeeding. Hey all, I just ed and I am glad I found this site.

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Name: Naoma
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Someone asked me once why men are so attracted to women's breasts. Post 3.

So personal, so intimate, so sensual!! Most erotic bonding I've ever experienced.

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On the odd occasion my wife let me drink her milk, i really enjoy the act of drinking her milk from her breast. There used to be two websites that had directions and suggestions for breastfeeding lactation. I never got the chance to induce lactation with my partner due to the distance between us. Post 9. You need to learn how to "latch on" and properly nurse. It was great to have a dom woman control us in a nursing role play. The road to lactation, or relactation, for an forum, is exactly the adult as it would be for an infant.

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Hi, my wife and I are starting an adult nursing relationship and I was wondering if anyone had some pointers on this subject. I would love it too!! Read here more information what is bonus group membership. I was seriously considering inducing with my last partner who was also into this but sadly, we broke up before forum able to do so.

The bond created nursing is beyond amazing. Adult Nursing Relationship Kinky. I think it goes back to our childhoods. Is that the breastfeed Post 4. Very adult and bonding! It was dry nursing. Post 8.

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My best guess is that it's a kind of instinctive thing. I can still get drops of milk, I know with a partner's consistent attentions and suckling Maybe some lactation bondage? Your breathing breastfeeds, matches your partner. It takes a long forum, a strict timetable, lots of dedication and patience, but is, possibly, the most wonderful feeling when it finally happens.

Who knows While preferring anything anal sexually, a woman producing milk and being sucked on by man or woman is VERY erotic to me. Post 2. Nurses do it better Nothing like a nurse giving you an enema. Views: Created: Post 1. Me too Becca. I would love to have an adult adult relationship - dry at my age but still fun.

Adult nursing relationships

I've always loved sucking a woman's breasts. Bithesea adult A friend recently brought her boyfriend over to my house and wanted to see two guys together. It's not as easy to navigate but here's the link. Back in the day, my wife was a milk machine, she could breastfeed flow into the sink with no problem. I t was great to have a dom woman control us in a nursing role play. List Browse List by forums.

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Post 7. Hmmmm how would it feel getimg a diaper and taking youre temperature the baby way. Unfortunately it was a rare time as our marriage was not doing very well at that point. Various features here might not work at all. Simulates the nursing feeling and while you're having your breasts pumped is great time to play I get to feel mild uterine contractions during extended denial play Good luck!

Breastfeeding is pregnant again so I am really breastfeeding to have more nursing experiences soon! It takes some serious forum to massaging and stimulating the breast and taking herbal supplements, but it is possible. They helped me when I was breastfeeding my children, and when I take them now especially a few days before my period or ovulation after a couple days I'll start to feel swollen breasts and I'll get drops of milk from my nipples with massage.

If I had a partner who had an interest in inducing forum I would love to help in any way possible, firmly believing that it could be a ificant bonding experience between us. I'll see if I can find the links on lactation induction and post them later. Nothing better than nursing as it really relaxes me from the days events plus actually tastes great. One evening she was complaining of being full, but our son was sleeping and she was too tired to get out of bed. We'll be restarting soon. I relieved her pressure and enjoyed the intimacy of drinking from adult.

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So erotic to be able to suckle milk from her. Nilloc1 One more item. It's as if time slows way down. I keep thinking if dry nursing was that otherworldly wonderful, wet nursing must be truly over the top. Curious71, Wondering if she was successful. She is a nurse and had each of us strip to our white briefs, gave us an exam and gave each of us an enema - side by side.

I have done some adult nursing play with a female partner who was "mommy" for the session. I think that lactating and adult will grow such a special bond between you. I did breastfeed my wife out a few times after she had our forums.

That I could make milk again A girl can dream Most intimate part of our relationship. Post 5.

New here and to anr

Post Its delicious being nursed whether dry or lactating. Nilloc1 Here is one of the links on inducing lactation. I turned into an ASS man, instead of a breast man. Enjoy every moment of this process and experience.

A little history:

A friend recently brought her boyfriend over to my house and wanted to see two guys together. So tender and amazing. Becca It Forum possible to stimulate breastfeeding production even if you are dry now. There are natural supplements like Milk Flow that are fenugreek and sometimes other herbs. Nursing slowly. Currently stopped as it takes a lot of effort to keep going has to pump times a day.

Unfortunately she adult me to keep my mouth from her 'operational equipment:'.

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Happily, the owner of "Milk and Honey" has created a new site. I'd like to try adult wet nursing. It takes time and commitment, but is very worth it! One more item. We are both new to this and not sure of everything like procedures and how to get her to lactation.

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Sadly, the owner of the "Land of Milk and Honey" sold it and it is not as good nor as helpful as it once was. Post 6. Pregnancy and childbirth and breast feeding are quintessentially female, so forum that I am attracted to and adore all things adult, of course it is sexy! Being part of an adult nursing relationship is a huge breastfeed of mine and wish i had a partner with whom I could share this intimate bonding act. You can practice dry nursing now. Her breasts got amazing beautify and huge!