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You can have fun in Vegas strip clubs on almost any budget.

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Last week, police cited the manager of a "peep show" operating in an office building owned by Herbert Newhouse, the proprietor of the Little Red Barn Adult Theatre. The business, at 28th St. SE, rented private "offices" to patrons, according to police.

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Despite adult business ordinance, illegal peep shows still crop up in grand rapids

Every single strip club I worked for in New York City would drill that rule into their dancers — no sex, and certainly not for someone who requests it without dropping a couple grand first. All the girls lined up in one long row to dance for Usher.

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No grinding, no full-body contact, no knee-to-groin contact. One girl threatened to kick my head in when I sat next to a guy while she was onstage — clients were jealously guarded. There was a pervading sense of immortality, as if everyone — strippers, managers, owners and servers alike — would never grow old or deal with the consequences of their time there.

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It sounds easy, but managers would make girls they had no intention of hiring dance on that same stage for up to 20 minutes. The first time I sat at the bar, a manager eyed me up.

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Some made extra by selling coke, ecstasy or weed to customers. required.

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Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by. Everyone wanted to work at Scores. My audition at Scores West called for putting on a slinky polyester outfit, fake hair and too much makeup, and then slithering around a small stage half-undressed while a belching manager stared at me.

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I was sitting in the dressing room one evening applying makeup when the house mom received a call from someone complaining that his credit card had been overcharged. Then there was the consistent overcharging of credit cards.

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I downed three shots, got on the stage, and after 30 seconds, they hired me. Like many of its customers, Scores woke up the next morning, broke, hung over, with everything looking a lot less pretty. The place was in its heyday when I worked there in Howard Stern was extolling its virtues every week, and Scores publicist Lonnie Hanover and his crew would pop by regularly.

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The owner of the card would then be pushed into a private room, plied with drinks and girls and handed a bill hours later when he was too drunk to figure out whether the amount added up. When it came to me, he eyed me up, shot me a look of utter disdain, shook his head no, and nodded for the girl behind me to come forward instead! One British girl would make a huge show of how illegal it was to provide coke to guys who requested it.

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It was, like, my first night here. Even during the flush days, I saw the vulgarity and stupidity that would lead to its demise. This story has been shared 39, times. I mean, what did he get out of a place with an ostensible no-touching-just-looking rule? The managers, most of them ex-cops with a. The two house moms — employed to look after the dancers, dole out safety pins and stop catfights in the dressing room — were not much better.

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It was too much: too expensive, too arrogant, too hedonistic — too stupid. Most girls, like myself, were not and would be furious to be considered prostitutes. Of course, I still went back to work — even though as the club got more popular, it became harder to earn.

Confessions of an ex scores stripper

Scores West, by the Hudson on West 28th Street, had its liquor pulled after four strippers and two managers were charged in a prostitution sting early this year. Now On Now on Six. Now On Now on Decider. To make good money, you had to get in with the managers, who would push you onto private Champagne Room customers.

One was an unemployed actress, the other an ex-stripper.

Share Selection. Name required. We laughed at yet another sucker falling prey to the place. Comment required.

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You gotta boyfriend? I was warned away from him many times, but I had an unpleasant experience with him in a private room once that left me bruised, disgusted and shaken for days afterward.

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More Stories. What to wear hiking this summer: 19 outfit ideas for warm-weather adventures. At least one manager also supplied drugs, a guy who had a reputation for drugging girls, according to one year-old dancer I was friends with.

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They got busted because people got careless about hiding the drugs, the credit-card fraud, the tax evasion, the prostitution. This story has been sharedtimes. Because they could. Ironically, there was a strict no-touching rule on the main floor of the club — you could dance with one leg touching the guy, your hands resting gently on the back of his chair, with a foot or so of distance between you.

This story has been shared 74, times. I felt Scores starting to unravel in my three short months there.