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Download PDF by Valérie Guérin: A Grammar of Mavea: An Oceanic Langugage of Vanuatu

By Valérie Guérin

ISBN-10: 0824836391

ISBN-13: 9780824836399

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The lexeme [patum] ‘your head’ contains the possessive clitic /-m/ ‘2 SG . ’ This morpheme historically derives from POc *mu. The lexeme [oin] ‘its liquid’ contains the construct suffix -n, which historically derives from POc *ni. Although the last vowel of these suffixes has been lost on the surface, if we assume that it is present underlyingly, stress can still be considered to be penult in (55). Evidence suggesting that this analysis is correct comes from final vowel deletion in other monomorphemic words.

Yams are considered a hot food. ’ The narrator used ari˝vi ngirngir at the beginning of the text and subsequently only ari˝vi to refer to the rat in the story. 49 3 Word classes Bislama loanwords are also used to refer to religious events such as Christmas or Easter. 003 Mo-v ki-tol-sa ki-tun na Utala˝pe, na 3 SG-say 1 PL . up 1 PL . EXCL-roast LOC Santo LOC Ista aite. ’ The closed class of calendar names straddles the proper and common noun classes. Like common nouns, they can take an article, such as aite ‘one’ in (113).

1 Personal names In POc, personal nouns were preceded by the article *i or *e (Lynch et al. 2002:71). This is not the case in Ma˝vea, as shown below. (107) Vovrodal mo-sum Vopua. ’ Unlike common nouns, personal nouns in Ma˝vea need not be preceded by an article (as is the case in Lolovoli, for example, Hyslop 2001:74). On the other hand, personal nouns show a gender distinction. Most male names start with moland female names tend to start with vo- or va-. 2. 2 Male and female personal names Male Moltas Mol˝vatol Moltoaima Molavea Moliala Mol˝paio Daldal Vuropaitia Female Vopua Vovaro Vosike Valeo Vomoliala Vatarul Vovrodal ˝ Lima The bound morpheme vo- (or va-) is a feminizing morpheme (Lynch 2001:233).

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A Grammar of Mavea: An Oceanic Langugage of Vanuatu by Valérie Guérin

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