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Download PDF by Kunio Nishiyama & Herman Kelen: A Grammar of Lamaholot, Eastern Indonesia

By Kunio Nishiyama & Herman Kelen

ISBN-10: 3895867144

ISBN-13: 9783895867149

This booklet describes a grammar (mainly morphology and syntax) of the Lewoingu dialect of Lamaholot, an Austronesian language (Central-Malayo-Polynesian subgroup) spoken through 150,000 ~ 200,000 humans at the jap tip of Flores and the encompassing zone in japanese Indonesia. Lamaholot has 35 dialects, and even though there are a few descriptions and dictionaries for different dialects, the Lewoingu dialect hasn't ever been defined earlier than. the outline during this ebook is largely theory-neutral, and analyses are stored to a minimal. This paintings could be of curiosity to descriptive linguists and Austronesian experts, particularly simply because languages of japanese Indonesia quite often are poorly documented and family of numerous dialects of Lamaholot are poorly understood. Typologists and theoretical linguists will be drawn to detailed contract in Lamaholot, the place contract emerges not just on verbs and adjectives, but additionally on adverbs, numerals, a preposition, or even at the conjunction ('and'). Theoreticians can also be drawn to the bankruptcy on resumptive pronouns, that's a unprecedented description of the phenomena in Austronesian languages and indicates that Lamaholot essentially stocks basic houses of resumptive pronouns present in Irish and Semitic languages. additionally of curiosity are possessive structures, the place the possessor will be both pronominal or postnominal, and every different has odd constraints.

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This point concerning the English language is elaborated upon in some detail by Venuti (1995:14): By routinely translating large numbers of the most varied Englishlanguage books, foreign publishers have exploited the global drift toward America’s political and economic hegemony in the post-war period, actively supporting the international expansion of Anglo-American culture. Such activity is clearly of cultural and financial benefit to both Britain and the United States of America, yet these countries remain ‘aggressively monolingual, unreceptive to the foreign, accustomed to fluent translations that invisibly inscribe foreign texts with English-language values and provide readers with the narcissistic experience of recognising their own culture in a cultural other’ (ibid).

These features have all been cited by translation scholars as possible candidates for the status of universals and were therefore reviewed in some detail and illustrated with examples from various types of translation including dubbing. Two of these characteristics in particular, namely simplification and normalisation, and the ways in which the use of these strategies can result in lexical simplification in translations, are analysed in detail in the case study in Chapter Five. In order to understand the context in which the translators of Janoschs Traumstunde chose to use these strategies so widely, it is important to investigate a) the problems and challenges experienced by Irish as a minority language (Chapter One), b) how and why the programmes in question were dubbed into Irish (Chapters Two and Three) and c) key issues relating to writing and translating for children (Chapter Four).

10 11 12 56 LGP stands for Language for General Purposes. LSP stands for Language for Specialised/Specific Purposes. For a useful overview of the theoretical discussion of LGP versus LSP and the definition of word and term, see Arntz and Picht (1989: 10–50). Such a discussion suggests that technical language and specialised terminology relate only to modern industrial developments. But the reality is that although the systematic study of terminology is a fairly recent phenomenon associated with the 20th century, specialised terms have existed for thousands of years.

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A Grammar of Lamaholot, Eastern Indonesia by Kunio Nishiyama & Herman Kelen

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