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Qian Zhongshu's A Collection of Qian Zhongshu's English Essays PDF

By Qian Zhongshu

ISBN-10: 7560050816

ISBN-13: 9787560050812

This ebook comprises 24 English works of Mr. Qian Zhongshu, together with his Bachelor thesis for Oxford college and different articles released in a few English magazines. extra keen on the content material of classical chinese language and Western classical literature. The booklet additionally contains Mr. Qian's correspondences and intensely necessary speeches.

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Life-alienating communication both stems from and supports hierarchical or domination societies. Where large populations are controlled by a small number of individuals for their own benefit, it would be to the interest of kings, czars, nobles, etc. that the masses be educated in a way that renders them slave-like in mentality. The language of wrongness, “should” and “have to” is perfectly suited for this purpose: the more people are trained to think in terms of moralistic judgments that imply wrongness and badness, the more they are being trained to look outside themselves—to outside authorities—for the definition of what constitutes right, wrong, good and bad.

He: That’s right, the basics! Human rights—isn’t that what you Americans call it? Why don’t more of you come here and see what kind of human rights you’re bringing here! I: You’d like more Americans to be aware of the enormity of the suffering here and to look more deeply at the consequences of our political actions? Our dialogue continued, with him expressing his pain for nearly twenty more minutes, and I listening for the feeling and need behind each statement. I didn’t agree or disagree. I received his words, not as attacks, but as gifts from a fellow human willing to share his soul and deep vulnerabilities with me.

What we are actually feeling ourselves: A. ” B. ” Here the word misunderstood indicates my assessment of the other person’s level of understanding rather than an actual feeling. In this situation, I may be feeling anxious or annoyed or some other emotion. • 42 • _______________________________ I D E N T I F Y I N G AND EXPRESSING FEELINGS C. ” Again, this is more of an interpretation of the actions of others rather than a clear statement of how we are feeling. No doubt there have been times we thought we were being ignored and our feeling was relief, because we wanted to be left to ourselves.

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A Collection of Qian Zhongshu's English Essays by Qian Zhongshu

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