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Read e-book online 1001 Vocabulary & Spelling Questions PDF

By Learning Express

ISBN-10: 1576854736

ISBN-13: 9781576854730

This totally up to date version of 1001 Vocabulary and Spelling Questions is designed to supply scholars with evaluate and perform for vocabulary and spelling good fortune. even if learning for very important educational, front, or certification checks, or simply brushing up for a category, this book's 1001 perform questions might help scholars increase their verbal talents at their very own velocity and concentrate on the components the place development is so much wanted. greater than only a attempt relief, this ebook can be utilized to complement present type guideline and strengthen activity functionality via enhancing business-writing talents. simply tailored to slot lesson plans and homework assignments, 1001 Vocabulary and Spelling Questions is additionally a source for lecturers and tutors who have to toughen scholar abilities.

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Relevant 302. grind : crush :: demolish : ________ a. divulge b. check c. pulverize d. steam 308. heterogeneous : mixed :: profuse : ________ a. lush b. timid c. scarce d. painful 303. continuation : sequel :: scheme : ________ a. supplication b. management c. aftermath d. plot 309. trust : suspicion :: doubt : ________ a. aperture b. reliance c. method d. saga 304. phase : segment :: epoch : ________ a. document b. institution c. era d. emotion 310. hide : flaunt :: forget : ________ a. sympathetic b.

Injustice 300. implant : embed :: expel : ________ a. beseech b. oust c. accept d. examine 34 –A N A L O G I E S – 301. assemble : convene :: categorize : ________ a. systematize b. dismiss c. congregate d. alternate 307. personable : agreeable :: friendly : ________ a. genial b. skillful c. willful d. relevant 302. grind : crush :: demolish : ________ a. divulge b. check c. pulverize d. steam 308. heterogeneous : mixed :: profuse : ________ a. lush b. timid c. scarce d. painful 303. continuation : sequel :: scheme : ________ a.

Compliment b. ridicule c. deride d. gibe 257. a. receptive b. intolerant c. compassionate d. amenable 265. a. deprived b. bereft c. replete d. bereaved 258. a. sloppy b. disheveled c. orderly d. unkempt 266. a. resolve b. fortitude c. mettle d. timidity 30 –V E R B A L C L A S S I F I C A T I O N – 267. a. submissive b. obedient c. acquiescent d. officious 275. a. replica b. permutation c. facsimile d. reproduction 268. a. proficient b. inept c. deft d. adroit 276. a. pernicious b. toxic c. innocuous d.

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